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Jack Sawyer – A Freshman to Watch


For years, I have always held back in promoting underclassmen, especially freshman, but with recruiting the way it is, I have fallen into the trap. If a freshman deserves recognition, give it to him.

Pickerington North’s Jake Sawyer a member of the Ohio Class of 2021. At guessin – 6’3-210 (maybe a little taller), he is a starter on the varsity basketball team, as well as the varsity football team. By the way, Pick North is a D1 school and wins in both sports.

On the court, he hustles, plays tough defense, runs the court, and bangs in the paint. No me-me(yet); he just plays with a business like approach.

Last fall, liked his aggressiveness on the football field. Like initial quickness. Explosive. Finds the ball and gets through traffic to make plays. Plays with emotion. Plays til the whistle. Like his athleticism.

Needs to continue to get bigger/stronger/quicker. Needs to improve overall speed. Needs to improve burst. Needs to improve change of direction.

Only a freshman, he has time to get better and will. When I list improvement areas, these improvements will make him one of Ohio’s top recruits in the Class of 2021.

I have always thought that I could find tight ends anywhere, but defensive ends/outside linebackers  much harder to find. Jack needs to get serious attention on defense. Second choice – move to TE.

“Blowing” kids up early in the football recruiting process is usually not fare to anybody – the parent, the fan, the coach, or most importantly, the player. Too much hype from recruiting reporters who are often clueless can hurt a prospect. Or a head college football coach making an offer to a 9th grade quarterback, just to get some pub.

I believe that I am being fair to Jack Sawyer in getting his name “out there.” Good family. Measures  6’4-210 and is athletic.. A varsity starter on both really good football and basketball teams. A good student. A little “Tom Sawyer” in him.

A note to Jack – Don’t get caught up in the football recruiting process !!!!

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