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Jamarius Dinkins Another Prospect Walnut Ridge HS


Jamarius Dinkins, a defensive lineman from Walnut Ridge High School in Columbus, impressed me at a Toledo camp last summer. Big, guessing 6’5-245, passed the eyeball test and the “effort test,” but was as raw as could be. Really liked his potential, however.

Actually, I was just as impressed with his shot put efforts last spring. Only a 10th grader, he improved over the last four weeks, by a foot every time out. His personal best for the season was just just over 52’6.” Explosive and competitive.

Of course, any football player who lists Malik Harrison as his favorite college football player wins me over quickly. Malik played at Walnut Ridge and now is one of the leaders for Ohio State’s football team. BTW, I rated Malik very high and very early, when Ohio State slow balled it.

Watched Jamarius play last Friday. Excellent frame. Really good feet. Uses his strength to his advantage. Played both ways, with an occasional break. I believe that high players who are in smaller programs, or play in the inner city should play both ways. Playing offensive line and defensive line is tough, but “Spider” gets it done.

Jamarius needs to continue to work on his football skills. Can bend, but needs to do it more often, but he can. Needs to be more explosive off the ball. Defensively, needs to improve his hands to get off blocks. Needs to disengage better. Needs to play more pad under pad. Does get to the QB.

All of my suggestions for Jamarius are correctable. The more experience, the better he should become. He can play either side of the ball in college, but I would give him a shot at defense first.

What I was really impressed with last Friday was his effort. Like any high school football player, football fundamentals can always be improved. For Jamarius – much the same. His effort was there. When he made a mistake, I could see frustration from him. A good sign.

When I asked him who his major influence was in football and life in general. First and quick response — Mom! She is always there for him.

He pretty much agrees that his biggest asset is his strength and explosion. For his weakness and he is getting better – overall football agility. Needs to improve his athleticism.

Toledo and Akron are among schools with early offers. He needs to develop, but is only a 2021 Class guy. Plenty of time. Plenty of raw talent. Jamarius “Spider” Dinkins will be fine!


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