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January – Academics Conditioning Time


What can we be doing? How do we get started in the football recruiting process? This is all new to us, what do we do next. I get these questions a lot. And I should get them. because I am not going to tell you a lot of Brown Sugar just to build up my name or brand.

Second semester is staring soon for just about all high schools. First study for exams. I am a retired teacher of 14 years. By now, exams probably mean very little. With education getting as silly as it has, there may not be such a term as exams. Whatever – get the first semester over! Hopefully, with good grades and an improved GPA.

If you are a 9th or 10th grader, build that accum or GPA. Don’t be a slacker! I just told a sophomore this past week to study hard to build his GPA. Go into your senior year not having to worry about qualifying. As silly as it sounds, don’t slack now.

I really blame coaches to a certain extent. Now, not totally, but to a certain degree. Track the football players. Find out GPA’s. I realize that coaches have so much to do. But a concern for a player’s grades is important. Keep football players aware of their classroom improvement, as well as the weight room improvement

If you are a 11th grader, so much with grades is on the line. Have you taken  the right classes. College football prospects are tracked now. That is they have to follow a certain class track through high school.

The right classes – Core Classes – Sixteen  (16 ) core classes are required. Ten (10) core courses must be completed before the seventh semester. 7 of the 10 must be in English, math, or natural/physical science. These courses/grades are “locked in” at the start of the seventh semester and can not be repeated to improve GPA to meet initial eligibility requirements.

The ACT or SAT test. Schedule the test as soon as you are comfortable with taking it. I always have a concern for those who take it during football season. The best time to take it the first time- spring of your junior year. This way you have a “test score.” Earlier, concerns me because a player has not taken some of the academic classes that are needed to supply him with information.

I really believe that the ACT or SAT preparation is as important as getting bigger/faster/stronger. With GPA’s,  a football player can improve his GPA quicker than an ACT score. The ACT score is huge. The higher the ACT score, the more financial aid possible. Let’s face it, many more high school players play D2 and D3 football than D1 ball.

Finally, be sure that you have registered for the NCAA Eligibility Center, formerly called the NCAA Clearinghouse. You will not be eligible to play college sports or get an athletic scholarship from an NCAA school without registering and being cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Before you can do much with the Eligibility Center, you will need to create an account on the website “Parents you can create an account for your child.”

High school coaches and personal trainers are excited about getting players back to work in the weight room or training facility in January. And right that they should be. But coaches also need to be excited about getting their football players on tract academically. I know sounds silly, but oh so true.

Probably sounds so redundant, but academics are so very important. GPA’s. Core Classes. Subject tracking. ACT scores and prep for them. Coaches want player discipline. Great. But what about academic discipline?

A sad thing about football recruiting and “offers.” Prospects get “offers” sometimes like candy. BUT – BUT – BUT. In Ohio last year, some recruits were getting national offers and there was no way that they were going to qualify academically. NO WAY! But the offers sounded good. Schools, like an O-state can only take so many non qualifiers.

Get started in January doing the right thing. Get those academics together. Visit the library. Be a pain in the butt to the Guidance office. Take a book home once in a while. Find a smart girl friend who takes the same classes as you.

Just like on a football field – FIND a WAY to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!




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