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Joe Burrows – Alive and Well at LSU


This Saturday, November 3, LSU (4th) plays Alabama (1) and whoever wins the football game, I would guess would move to number 1. Clemson would have something to say about that comment.

Joe’s high school days

Really, I do not care who wins the game, but I sometimes get mesmerized by Southeastern Conference football. I do not make the chance to watch much college football. The only cheering that I will do is for LSU quarterback Joe Burrows. Still Joey to me, but I will say Joe.

First watched Joe his junior year at The Plains High School just outside of Athens. Joe’s dad is the Defensive Co-ordinator for the Ohio University Bobcats. He was amazing in this game. You knew he could be special. 6’3-195. But he could throw and run.

Besides having QB skills, there were more two things that I remember about the game.                                                                1) He was too emotional (in a negative way) on the sidelines. Pouted and complained to his receivers about dropping balls. A me-me attitude. In fact, I criticized him an article.                                                                                                  2) I told him that he needed to develop his core muscles. Core muscle strength for any player is huge, especially quarterbacks. The next year, he was totally a different sized person.

His senior year, The Plains Athens lost in the OHSAA State Championship game to Toledo Central Catholic. He threw for 6 TD’s and 446 yards on 26 of 45. Also ran for 70 yards. Central Catholic hammered and hammered him. His team lost 56-52.

Joe committed to Ohio State. I remember it well. When I received the text from his dad, I remember being disappointed. Happy for him, but sad that he chose Ohio State. He was not an Urban Meyer type quarterback. No matter that they said they would add some changes to their offense.

I have the greatest respect for Joe Burrows. Tremendous respect. Tremendous appreciation for him.

He weathered Ohio State football. He weathered comments that he had a hitch in his throwing motion. He weathered getting beat up in spring practice one year. He was not protected. He weathered questions about his escapability. He weathered media criticism.

I have no problem with the Ohio State offense. I have no problem with Coach Day. Really a good QB coach. Of the course the media for the most part, have no clue about evaluating football talent. I just want what is best for kids.

Joe will lead LSU this Saturday against Alabama. He wanted to transfer to a program that needed a quarterback. He wanted to get away from the state of Ohio. He simply wanted a chance to be a starting QB. I believe that he took a chance, but he is doing well so far.

For all of you young high school football players. Do not let your emotions make you blind. Make your college choice after long thoughts.

BTW, this is not a knock on Ohio State football recruiting. Their recruiting record speaks for itself.


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