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Joe Labas QB 2021 Needs a Breakout Year


Watched Joe Labas, play basketball last winter, watched his brief HUDL hi-lites, but most importantly, watched him scrimmage last week. Kind of a different scrimmage format, but I was able to see him throw enough to see the potential.

Joe needs to prove that he is healthy and completely healed from a hand injury. You see, he broke his hand in the first quarter of the second game last year. No video for college coaches. But he will be fine.

Like his mobility and the ability to avoid the rush. Throws on the run to either side effectively. Sees the field. Spins it when he gets his feet set. Needs to be more consistent on throwing motion. Gets the ball off and quickly.

Joe loves competing. Whether in a sport, in the classroom, or any activity, he wants the edge. You can see that, even in a scrimmage. BTW, he also plays shortstop and pitches in the spring. In the winter – varsity basketball. Read where has been a 3-sport starter, since 9th grade.

Favorite subject in school is history. Carries a 3.1 GPA. After college, like most, his goal is the NFL. If that does not go, he wants to get into business.

He feels like his leadership skills are his strength in football. Also feels like he needs to improve his footwork and accuracy.

To Joe, the best thing about high school football is that “it brings people together.” The team gets together. Fans, parents, and school friends get together. Football just brings people together.

The football recruiting process is good. He is having fun. The process gets anxious and confusing at times, but he is enjoying the time.

MSR – Really like his potential. Good size. Some QB presence. Smart. Will only get better with reps. He told me that when he is bored, he watches HUDL video of high school quarterbacks. Joe Labas should be a top three MSR QBs in his 2021 Class.

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