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Jonathan Allen – An MSR top OL in 2019 Class


Back in December a college coach asked me about Dayton Dunbar offensive lineman, Jonathan Allen. Really had not watched Dunbar play last fall, because their best players were seniors. But I knew he was a basketball player and thought that I saw him last summer at a 7on7.

Last Saturday  afternoon, I watched Dunbar and Trotwood play basketball. Specifically, to watch Jonathan Allen. All 6’5-320 pounds of him. Now, he looks more 285, but his coach told me 325. Plus, he can run the court. Not in great shape, but good enough to be a factor.

Jonathan has really good ball skills for a big guy. Excellent hands when catching and dishing the ball. Soft touch inside. Actually a good foul shooter and hit some 3’s in warm-ups. Also has some of the good “nastiness” in the paint. But I am thinking football.

Watched his HUDL hi-lites video from last year. Impressive, but what makes it more impressive is that last year was Jonathan’s first year of football. Actually, he never had a helmet on until the first week before the first game. Today, he has not had a full year of football. After basketball season, he should and, hopefully, will focus on getting better as a football player.

On HUDL video, I liked his ability to stay with his block. He has to get better, but he can bend his knees and drive block. Keeps his feet spread and has a good base when drive blocking. For never having pass blocked, I like the way he sets his feet in pass pro. Just like in basketball, he moves his feet well for his size. Also gets his arms locked and if he gets his hands on the defender, he finishes.

Just talked with him briefly a halftime of the junior varsity game, but I liked his style. Carries a 3.5GPA in the classroom. Needs to do just a little better on test score. But Jonathan seems to “get-it.”

Do not know if he can get tall enough to play tackle, but he can play inside for real. Has the feet to play left tackle. Has the athleticism to play left tackle. He can play on the oline someplace.

I can only promise that he is one of the top MSR top offensive linemen in in the Class of 2019. Of course, I will have to wait to see what 24/7 says. HUMOR

Like him a lot. Jonathan thought that basketball was his ticket and maybe he still does. But, just watching him on the court and on video, he can go college for free playing football. And, yes, for what ever it means, he is going to visit O-State on Saturday.


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