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Jowon Briggs DL Commits to Viriginia


A quick shout out to Walnut Hills DL Jowon Briggs on his last Friday’s commitment to Virginia. Just the correct move for Jowon.

Listed with all kinds of height/weight measurements, but I am guessing he is 6’2-290. Jowon worked hard in the off season to kind of redefine his body. He looks much better than he did last fall. With that change, he is faster, stronger, and quicker.

Earned All Eastern Conference the last two years. Last year, he led Walnut Hills in both tackles and sacks. Last year Walnut Hills went through a lot of “stuff” with their football program. As a leader, Jowon did much to keep the team together.

My concern is that he has to play more consistently at his defensive tackle position. Really good initial quickness off the ball. Bends and plays pad under pad. Runs well. He will be fine, but needs to make more plays.

Jowon is a “white line” player for me. That is – he is good natured and he smiles and laughs with me. But when he steps over the white line, he is a football player. Aggressive. Gets off blocks and finishes. Totally different attitude in competition. He will be playing nose tackle in Virginia’s 3-4 defense.

Jowon said that DL Coach Vic So’oto made him feel comfortable from the beginning of their conversations. Talked with a lot and when he met him in person, the deal was sealed. He went on to say he was the best DL coach that he communicated with during recruiting.

Grades are important and the classroom, friends, and life outside of football are just as important to Jowon. Believe that he will major in some field of engineering. As he told me during track season, academics are huge.

Although some people just use “lip-service” when talking about the importance of culture in selecting a football program, I think that is huge. Really important. Jowon has found a culture that is good for him.

Most impressive to me is that Jowon was looking for the right “fit” for him. Besides being a good student in the classroom, he is not too bad of a football player either. At Virginia he has found the “right fit.”

He listed Alabama, Kentucky , Michigan State, Ohio State, among others, including Virginia. The unofficial visit to Virigina sealed the deal.

Big, strong, tough, and quick. Opposing centers in the ACC will get to know Jowon during his career at Virginia.


































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