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July 1 – Always Brings Some Changes to the Website


We are starting to make some changes on our msrohio.com website. July 1, always begins a new year for me with regards to high school football and evaluating high school players who are possible Power Five or Group of Five prospects.

The HUDL videos are old news for the most part. If a reader wants to look at our HUDL hi-lites with comments, go to the HUDL room. Everything is self explanatory.

I do encourage a player to send me his HUDL hilites any time. Anything that he has on video that he feels will make him better, would be more than good. Of course, I will take a look and give him some feedback.

I will also be updating our Players to Watch section. I have eliminated some and added some new prospects.

Over the next few weeks, we will be making some changes. Hopefully, all for the good.

If you as a reader has any suggestions to improve the website, please send a response. Only I can see it, before it is posted. With that being said, send me any thoughts that you may have. Of course, I have the choice to post your comments, or not.

Thanks and get ready for football recruiting time.

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