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July 5th – Get Focused Seniors


July 3 is almost over. Fourth of July fireworks tomorrow. Parades tomorrow.  70n7 football competition this weekend. Ohio high school football is about to get some serious attention. Actual real football practice begins the very end of July. An exciting time.

Heard a story last night about a parent complaining that her son was denied a scholarship from a school that made an “offer” a long time ago. I believe that the prospect used that offer to get his name out there. He was going after bigger programs. No offers from bigger programs, even though he camped and camped and camped!

Last week, when he called the school about the “offer,” a long while back, NO OFFER. The school found two other linebackers during that time.

Now mom is upset. High school coach is probably upset. Handler or agent is probably upset.

For the record, a handler or an agent is one of those people who charge players a fee (sometimes large) to get players to different camps. To get players more exposure. To train(??) kids to get ready for college. Some ask for favors from the college coach to get exposure for their players.

I am going to stop this story, because people should know better. I get tired of talking and writing about offers. In fact, the word makes me sick. You can play around with offers in this world of recruiting.

A Too Common Scene

Beginning my senior year and NO OFFERS. Beginning my senior year and some schools have told me that they will watch my first three games and evaluate me. Beginning my senior year and no college coach will return my calls or my texts. Beginning my senior year and at camp they told me that they would get in touch with me.


First – a senior should be checking his GPA and his test score. One of my favorite prospects who has many offers scored a 15 on the ACT. He scored a 16 the second time. Regardless of his GPA, he should be spending 2 hours a day studying for the ACT or SAT. Workouts and visits are good. Team functions are good. But he has to spend the time on the test score. Get on the computer. Get help. Get it done.

Second – a senior should be working his tale off to get better. Get faster, get faster, get faster! Get bigger/stronger/faster. Put the AAU basketball shoes away. Put the baseball glove away. Sorry – but it is time to focus on football. Make your team better. Make yourself better.

Third – Research every D2 program in Ohio and the surrounding states. Talk to coaches about the best D2 programs. I can tell you which ones are good. But the problem is that some D2 schools are just getting their programs going. D2 competition is much tougher than most people think. The NFL scouts visit D2 schools, which says something for the caliber of football.

Fourth – Really work on financial aid information. Get ready – understand the process. Get prepared and be prepared. Get some advice from people who understand the process. When a college prospect plays the complete season. Receives all conference first team. Makes all district. Becomes an All Ohio player, but has no love from D1 or D2. The D3 programs will be his final chance. Understand the financial aid program.

One thing about D3 football, except for Mount Union. The first unit and maybe the second team in some schools are tough. But if you want to spend the money and enjoy a college football career, just about anybody can be on the team. Not a knock – just that the depth in D3 programs is weak.

I spent some time back in June at a college camp, talking about the Preferred Walk-on program. The PWO has now gotten its on identity. One reason – PWO can get money through programs like Pell Grant. I do not know much about the financial part, but I believe that the amount of aid depends on the college.

Check out the PWO program. The program is also referred to as a “recruited walk-on.” Of course there is also the unrecruited walk-on. Hopefully, sometime soon I will do a blog devoted to “walk-ons.”

Unless, a prospect is coming off a major injury, or just moved into Ohio, and has no college coach showing him some attention, chances are getting an “offer” will be tough. Of course, the NCAA football Dead Period is in effect until the end of July. College coaches communicating with a player is almost nil.

The last piece of McCallister wisdom that I can give is about “comparing.” Parents, coaches, media, and prospects are guilty of “comparing.” Stop comparing your stats, your abilities, your team, and your size to other players.

Stop worrying about the other prospects. Stop the “pity party.” Compare yourself to yourself. How hard have you been working? How can you get better. How can you help your team to get better. What level of college football is the best fit for you. Compare your first scrimmage to your second game.

If Urban Meyer says this – it is OH my, Coach Meyer must know. If John McCallister says this – big deal!! CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. Period.

If I am a senior right now on July 3, I need to focus on football. If I have offers, that is – committable ones, I had better start getting serious about selecting a school. If I am waiting for that Power 5 offer, I may be in trouble. If I have only D2 offers, I need to start watching the D2 programs who have offered me or have shown tremendous interest.

But most importantly, if you are having trouble qualifying, get that study time in your day. The bench press and 40 time will not get you eligible academically. Be sure the grades are good. The schedule for the fall is good. Study for ACT or SAT.

A total different thought here. I believe high school football coaches spend too much time getting players ready for the regular season. Too many hours in a football setting. Find some way to release some of the stress of football in July and August. Some how keep a fresh mind as well as, body.

Be a good person – senior. Whether you have a Power 5 scholarship,  are chasing a scholarship offer, have no offers, or have no chance to play college football, BE A GOOD CHARACTER PERSON OR PLAYER.

The best to all the players in the 2019 Class. ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!!!!!






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