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Juniors – Official Visits between April and June


The early signing period for high school seniors whom are going on to play college Division 1 football ended Friday. The early signing period was December 20-22. A first time happening.

From what I have read, the early signing date was a success. Of course coaches, like Urban Meyer and Nick Saban do not like it. Usually,  if it is not their idea, they will not agree with anything. Enough said.

Actually, I am glad that they have instituted an early signing day. So many benefits. Get it out of the way. Now high school seniors can start working out again. Now high school seniors can enjoy the rest of their senior year, with fewer cell phone calls from college coaches and a lot less stress. Now high school seniors do not have to answer the football recruiting experts phone calls. Now high school seniors can focus on the rest of the winter sports or the upcoming spring sports.

The people who could be hurting are the media who in the past, bothered these kids until the signing date – the first Wednesday in February. Not as much to write, talk, or discuss. Oh well!

Honestly, the biggest hassle would be if an assistant football coach left after the signing date in December. He had been  developing a relationship with a player for two years, let’s say. The prospect commits and “boom” the coach leaves for another staff. Worse – the head coach took another job. Of course, that old cliche’ ” a player commits to a school, not a coach,” is bogus. Those days are gone. Player/coach relationship is huge.

Juniors, the Class of 2019. Mark the days December 18-20, 2018, on your calendars. Guessing this will be the early signing date for your class. Be aware of the date. I know that it is almost a year away. BUT football recruiting is faster and faster. I believe that you need to make your decision on that date.

The next major step for the juniors this year. The Class of 2019. You can take an official visit between  April and June . The official visit must occur between these dates. Of course, the other official visits are available after the beginning of you senior year.

Mixed emotions on early official visits.

The negative – I would want a prospect to make a visit when it is closer to crunch time or decision time. So much physical development and skill development takes place over that six month time difference.

The negative – College evaluations are huge during summer camps. Spring evaluations will not be over either. If a recruit makes an official visit in April  and maybe he does not do well in camps, he could have a wasted an official. Official visits are still limited to five total.

The negative – A player has an “offer,” but it is not really an offer. He makes an official visit, because of the offer. The college staff was just being kind with their offer. Another wasted official.

The positive – The recruit saves money. He can fly across the country for almost free. But if it is just a “joy ride, he has wasted an official.

The positive – Obviously, the recruit and his family get more time to check out and follow program.

Really, with all of the opportunities out there to get on a campus, I would hold my “right bower” until I had to play it. “Junior Days,” academic weekends, spring practices(unlimited attendance), unofficial visits (unlimited), spring evaluations, and phone calls. There are so many functions possible to attend. Hold your free pass.

For my 1.00 McD’s coffee advice. Early signing date in December – good idea. Take it serious. Official visits between April and June  – just okay idea. Hold your trump card.


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