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Justin Rimer (2021) Two way Lineman New Philly


Last year, as a sophomore, I thought New Philadelphia’s Justin Rimer showed much potential. Big and strong, but needed to be more flexible. Guessin last year, he was 6′-270.

Yesterday, I watched the Quakers practice, and Justin is a little bigger at 6’4- 280. Also a little quicker and more powerful. He needs to work on his balance and not over extending. Bends, but needs to play lower at times. Good initial quickness off the ball. Runs well for a big man. Explosive!

Only saw him on offense, but he does play both ways, with breaks on defense. The final play that I saw yesterday, says a lot for him. One on one blocking drill. He had his way blocking and then the quickest, toughest defender stepped up. Quick move to the inside and then to the outside. Justin stopped the move to the inside and turned his hips and drove his man to the outside and to the ground.

Aar on Donald is his favorite pro player. Justin said Donald works hard both in season and off season. He likes his toughness and quickness. Good choice.

He told me that he never wants to let his team down. A lot is expected of him whether it be football or outside of football, and he does not want to fail. Liked his practice approach, yesterday.

People who think that they are better than they actually are annoys him. That is one of the few things that annoy him. Like his attitude. Quiet to some extent and his actions speak for themselves. Grounded.

Like most really talented high school football players, his goal is the NFL. He needs to continue to develop his skills, but if he is developed properly, who knows? If the NFL does not work out, he wants to coach football. Another good choice.

His parents have really been the biggest influence on him. He credits them with keeping him on the “straight and narrow.” Grades are good. Needs to take the ACT.

Justin feels that although he can bend, he needs to play more pad under pad. Agree, and he needs to work on his balance and not over-extend.

The best thing about playing football for Justin– with all of the work that he puts in during the week, he can feel and see the results on Friday night, playing under the lights. The worst thing about football are the aches and pains on Saturday and Sunday’s.

Justin does not play any other sport. The off season will important to get his lower body in great shape. Improve his agility and re-direction. College camps will be important for him, too.

I could see Justin on either side of the ball. Most schools, like UC, Miami, Toledo, and Marshall are talking offense. Need to watch more HUDL, but he is long and has good initial explosion. Might be a 3 technique.

At 6’4-280,and with a tremendous work ethic, his ceiling is high.


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