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Justin Wodtly – DL – 2020 Class – Chat Time


I first met Cleveland Heights Justin Wodtly at a basketball game between Lorain Senior and Cleveland Heights his freshman year. He was a big “kid” for a 9th grader. And he acted the same way – a big “kid.” And he believed what all the people said, ” tremendous potential.”

Last fall, I watched him in Cleveland Heights first game – Toledo St Francis, a game in which St Francis was in control. Justin forget, as did the Cleveland Heights team, that they needed to do more than “show-up.”. Disappointing.

I watched HUDL hi-lites of his play in the last part of the season. Really believe that has bought into what it takes to be one of the top rated D-Linemen in the Ohio Class of 2020. Guessin 6’3-270.

As a defensive lineman – Aggressive. Plays with emotion. Really good initial quickness. Plays pad under pad. Gets off blocks and finds the football. Good burst. Gets through traffic to make a play. Good pass rush. Speed to get to the QB. Physical and finishes plays. Good motor.

On the offensive side – A good old school fullback. Good balance. Breaks tackles. Durable. Gives 2nd and 3rd effort. Powerful. Would be a good blocker as well. Good hands.

Actually could be a “package.” D-tackle who could also be a short yardage back. His athleticism and new found enthusiasm makes a special player.

I asked him what would be the first advice that he would give a 9th grader. “Grades.” Mentioned to not listen to all the “noise” about potential. Simply, have to work hard in training.

Ten years from now? “Something to do with sports reporting. Major will be sports management.”

Looking for a college football program that will – 1. Take the time to develop him as a football player and person. 2. Get on the field as soon as possible. 3. Provide him with tough competition, because he loves to compete, and it will make him better.

Makes him upset? People always asking him if he has made up his mind about favorite football school. When are you going to decide?

Makes him happy? Winning! Being the best.

Justin (in my eyes) may have been a little late in “turning on the light”  but he has. So athletic. So physical. So confident. Play every down! The light will be bright.

Do not know exactly what schools are throwing out “offers,” , but Michigan State, Rutgers, Minnesota, and Cincinnati have.

Justin Wodtly plays with emotion on the football field, as well as a student basketball fan. Best of all, he no longer acts like a 9th grader. At least I would not say that to his face.

An MSR top 12 prospect in the Ohio Class of 2020!

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