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Kalil Branham An MSR Top WR 2020


Michigan commitment Kalil Branham (2020) has always impressed me with his combined athleticism, speed, and size. Yesterday, I watched him at basketball practice at Northland High School in Columbus. Still impressed.

With regards to basketball, this year is Kalil’s first year playing organized basketball. His coach, Sean Taylor, spoke very highly of him. By the way, Northland is 15-6 and considered one of the better programs in Central Ohio.

Watched Kalil run the court, play defense, and work hard. Saw some burst. Saw some coachability. Saw some athleticism. Saw some team first. Best of all, saw a lot of toughness.

Last year, I saw him run a 48.3/400 meters. I did not see him run a 48 something from lane 8 and win the race. Heard about it, however.

The first football game that I watched him play was against Mansfield Senior his 9th grade year. He had some catches and returned a punt, I believe. Saw the burst and speed. Concerned about effort, but it was his first game and he was only in the 9th grade. A lot has changed since then.

Strong hands. Catches the ball in a crowd. A little bit of a long strider, but has really good early quickness. Impressed with his burst to get separation after the catch. Also, he is willing to block in space and does effectively. Speed kills! He has it. Athletic. Also played some quarterback late in the season.

Kalil needs to improve his route running. More discipline. Needs to break down into more precise routes. Needs to get into and out of routes better. This will improve, because he takes coaching and wants to get better. Also needs to continue to improve upper body strength. All of this very possible and will happen.

Actually after watching him night, he could be a defensive player. Maybe a strong safety type. But a 6’1-195, he fits the slot receiver position. Fast, good hands, and a good blocker.  BUT with his size, imagine him playing downhill. With his speed, imagine his range. With his toughness, imagine him tackling the ball.

An interesting nugget about Kalil. He taught himself to play the piano. Cannot read music, but plays everything by ear.

Kalil committed to the University of Michigan back in the summer. His dream school. I hope that he stays with his commitment. The best to him.




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