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Kamara Bangally 2020 OLB Akron East


Although I still watch recruits in the Ohio 2019 Class, much of my focus is on the Classes of 2020 and 2021. And, yes, I have seen “about to be 9th graders.” Identifying underclassmen is huge during camp season.

At the John Carroll camp last Friday, I met Akron East’s junior Kamara Bangally for the second time this spring. The week before I watched him at the Ashland Camp.

Long – guessin 6’3-190. Listed as an outside linebacker. Not so sure that he could not move back to an inside DB. First, Kamara has to grow into his body. Long arms and slender. Only going into his junior year – plenty of time to “fill out.” Get bigger/stronger/faster. Like his athleticism.

Ran well in camp. In shorts, I thought that he was aggressive and played tough.. Like his initial quickness. Although he has to improve both – I do like his change of direction and his burst. Thought that he looked good in the 1 on 1 drills.

On his HUDL Hi-lites, he shows athleticism. Good quickness off the edge. Gets to the QB. Plays off blocks and finds the football. Will make contact. Finishes tackles. Like his physicality. Explosive.

Potential to be one of the better MSR prospects in the Ohio Class of 2020. Received a Cincinnati offer after the John Carroll Camp. Guessin that offer was on potential. The more into the camp season, he should be getting a few more.

Really like his attitude. Good to spend just a few minutes with him. Smart. Just like his presence. Carries himself well. Of course, he is a very aggressive football player. Especially when he comes downhill.

Kamara Bangally will make many boards as the camp season goes on. Needs to continue to get BFS, but he can run. He will also make contact. Should be an MSR top OLB, or maybe a safety in the Ohio 2020 Class.

Really early to get a really good evaluation, but Kamara will be fine.



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