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Keep Posting HUDL Hi-lites – Nice Effort


Just wanted to take a minute to thank many of the Ohio high school football players who are really paying attention to keeping their HUDL video updated.

Some have 5 game hi-lites. They have put together the best plays of their first five or six games. Important for real. Colleges recruiting staffs look at these. Some staffs are really busy, so this gives them a brief time to look at the hi-lites.

Some underclassmen college prospects are putting up their best plays of each game. Good for them, as well. I would like to see more plays, but one is better than none.

Reminder – college coaches/support staff have the ability to look at full games. Some people are doing this as well. Probably get boring, but sitting and watching complete games sounds like fun to me. Getting paid would be even better.

If you are a senior and with no offers, keep working on your hi-lites. D2 schools may wait until later to really get into the recruiting rat race. But having video ready to go now, would be an added bonus. With no offers from D1 schools, seniors should work hard to keep their season up to date.

I encourage underclassmen to be working on a HUDL Hi-lites video. Class of 2021 – Huge. Regardless of your recruiting status, keep working on the hi-lites. Now, juniors are the focus point for many college football staffs. Again,  college coaches/staffs look at complete games for juniors, as well. I get questions all of the time about prospects. From the questions asked, I know college staffs have watched video.

Class of 2022. Same applies here. Work on your HUDL hi-lites. I get texts and calls from college coaches about sophomores. I write about top prospects in the Ohio 2o22 Class. Be ready.

Actually, I get disappointed when prospects in the 2021 and 2022 Classes have not posted video from the first half of the season. Why no effort to get a prospect’s name out there? Some high school coaches will not their players post their hi-lites. They believe that opposing coaches can “scout” the team. Oh well!

Please tell me that “laziness” is not the reason, college prospects are procrastinating. No reason for it. Be proud of your work and effort and get busy making a hi-lites video.

I comment on this mistake everytime I write about h-lites video. Mark or circle where a player is on every play. Identify the prospect, BEFORE the snap of the ball. Crazy circles, arrows, or any mark to identify the player, BEFORE the ball is snapped.

Keep up the good effort of posting your HUDL hi-lites. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

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