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OL Landon Fickell – One to Watch 2021 Class


If his name was Jones or Smith, Landon would not be recognized at first glance. But his name is Fickell, yes Fickell, as in Luke Fickell.

Since I know Coach Fickell well, we did not talk much about dad. Obviously, there are good and bad things about being the son of a high-profiled person. Probably has to play for his dad, because I know where his mother, Amy, would be on Saturdays.

Landon Fickell is listed at 6’5-275 and plays on the OL at Cincinnati Moeller High School. Plays tackle, but will move inside to guard on the college level. He began his career as a defensive guy, but switched to the offensive line his sophomore year. That was a “no-brainer” move.

He played rugby last year at Moeller. Still deciding if he should hit the football conditioning full time this spring or play another year of rugby. For me, both choices are good.

Classroom – no problem. Carries a 3.9 GPA. Undecided on major in college. Maybe some areas of medicine. Also said that he likes the idea of coaching on some level. And like most college athletes, he would like to get good enough to play in the league.

Landon feels his strength as a football player is his ability to always finish blocks. Always looking for a player to block. Also feels that he understands the blocking schemes. He feels that he needs to keep working on fundamentals. Needs to keep working on technique.

I did not ask him about his favorite college teams. Hopefully, one is Cincinnati. Early offers include Akron and YSU.

Watching his HUDL hi-lites, Landon is a work in progress. By that I mean, he got a late start as an offensive lineman. Began his football playing on the defensive line. Tall and thin as a 10th grader. Now is 6’5-275. Needs to continue to get bigger/stronger/quicker. Plays tackle at Moeller, but will slide inside to a guard position on the next level. Maybe center, but for sure guard. Watching video, he showed much improvement from his first game last year to his final game.

After seeing him play against Lakewood St. Edwards last fall and watching his hi-lites, he may be correct above improving tech. But, not all his fault. Beginning with stance. Different staff at Moeller now.

Really like Landon’s ability to stay with the block. He keeps a good base on run blocking, needs to stay balanced. Like his feet. Plays smart. Blocks well on 2nd level. Gets up and down the LOS. Needs to play lower at times. Needs to improve initial quickness. Sets up on pass pro and stays with block. Needs to improve bending on both run and pass blocking.

I said earlier that he is a work in progress, which is good. Needs to add 10 pounds. Competes hard. Like his toughness. Get stronger. Definitely a D-1 prospect.

His advice to freshmen is simply to work hard to get better, especially in the off-season. Get bigger/stronger/quicker. Buy in to the program.

We didn’t talk about playing football for dad, but he could be an eventual contributor to the Cincinnati program. After college camps, his offers will increase.

Landon Fickell’s best football is ahead of him.






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