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Leonard Taylor – Cincinnati Commit at TE


Senior Leonard Taylor from Springfield High School recently committed to play football at the University of Cincinnati. UC coach Luke Fickell is wanting him to come in as a tight end.

Leonard Taylor – TE –

Like so many football college football prospects, he has been on my radar, since his freshman year. Listed now as 6’7-230; may have been that tall as a freshman.

After a good sophomore year, he committed to Michigan. No one should commit to a college football program during his 10th grade year. Too early, regardless what the “experts,” including college coaches, say. After 2nd thoughts, he de-committed  from Michigan.

I saw him in a 7on7 in Dayton. A natural tight end. No one agreed with me. He could catch and run well-enough. Of course, no blocking in 7on7.

Last football season during a scrimmage he played QB. Played some TE. Played some DE. Played some OLB. At that time, no question – an athlete who could play someplace. For me – liked him at TE.

Problem – after watching him play basketball his junior year, his only position – offensive left tackle. I mean 6’7 and so athletic. In that game, he did not run the court well. Not in shape and heavy. I told Leonard last spring that he could make money – playing Left Tackle. Needless to say, he did not want to hear that.

Talked with him just a few minutes last night. Congratulated him on the Cincinnati choice. Did not sign until February 7. I wished him well. Really proud of him.

Sometimes in evaluating a college prospect, I just get a feeling, sometimes positive/sometimes negative about a player. Thank goodness, most of my “gut” feelings are on.

A lot to like about Leonard Taylor. 6’7-235 for one. Going to UC to play TE. Good move. He better not grow too much, get stronger, and eat his way out of TE. If so, he will be an excellent athletic left tackle.

Really going to miss watching Leonard Taylor play high school football. Just seems like good guy, but with athletic talent.


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