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Making a HUDL Hi-Lites Video


HUDL Hi-lites videos are really important. Huge, in fact. A major evaluating tool when it comes to deciding whether a college coaching staff wants to offer a prospect.

But, quickly, I must add – full game video is huge. The really good evaluators study a complete game. Most of the time, three or more complete games. As a prospect, be sure that you know what your best games were this past season. However, with HUDL, college evaluators can look at any game that they choose, but you tell them which ones were your best.

This will be my last time that I give advice on making a HUDL Hi-lites video. Probably the last time. I just feel so silly, when I see players or coaches or parents making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

  1. Your HUDL hi-lites video is not meant to be a keepsake. Not meant to be scrapbook time. 25-35 plays. Very few evaluators will spend time watching 7 minutes of hi-lites. Maybe some young intern will, but he is just learning.
  2. Put your best plays at the beginning of the video. The very best.
  3. QB – best pass plays and mix in some running plays. Plays that show you reading the coverage and finding the 2 and 3 receivers. Show some escapability. Get some throws that show velocity. Find a  17 yard out to far side. If a pass is well thrown, but dropped, put it on your hi-lite.
  4. RB – Get north/south. Breaking tackles. Initial quickness. Catching the ball. Blocking. Any play that shows a burst – which is sometimes hard.
  5. OL – Stay off ground. Show bending ability. Plays that go to the whistle. Pass protection – only ones that you do not get beat on an outside rush.. Maintaining a block.
  6. TE – Catching the ball over the middle. Blocking. Running a route in space. Running after a catch.
  7. WR – Show speed. Ability to run crisp routes. Any play with burst. Show your willingness to block.
  8. DL – Show pad under pad  plays. Show pursuit. Try to find plays where you use your hands to disengage. Show physicality. Show quickness.
  9. LB – Ability to find the football. Running to the ball. Changing direction. Finishing a tackle. Run thru ball carrier.
  10. DE – Initial quickness off the ball. Speed to the QB. Ability to change direction. Toughness on run support. Stay on your feet.
  11. Inside DB’s. – Run support on inside plays. Finding the football. Hips to turn and run. Ability to cover ground. Show your range. Toughness. Getting thru traffic.
  12. Corners – Physicality on run support. Recovery speed. Burst. Can you flip your hips? Over all effort.


  1. A dad sent me a hi-lites on his son who is 6’1-205 and projects as a linebacker on the next level. But for the sake of the team, most of the time his hand is down. He needed to change his video to show any play where he is in a 2-point and running to the ball. Put your DL plays last. On your DL plays show explosion and quickness.
  2. I got a hi-lites video from a player who is 5’11-215. Projects as a FB, not as a DL guy. Simply not big enough. Did not see a FB play for a long time on video. All of the FB plays need to be first and then DL plays.
  3. If you are an OL guy – stay off the ground. Stay off the ground. Stay off the ground. You need to show your ability to bend your knees and ankles. Finish blocks. Go til the whistle. Told a dad that his son was on the ground too much. Do not think that he took me serious.
  4. No cheap shots. No blind side blocks. What does it prove? The “Big Stick” Award is not awarded on hi-lites video.
  5. Passes. Just show passes where your feet are set. Where you get good follow thru. Show a sample of all the throws that you can make. The fade, the fade, the fade, and the fade gets so boring. Mix in your pass and your escapabilty plays. Show some read option if you do it.
  6. Don’t put all of your kickoff returns at the beginning of the video. Mix a FEW in with your regular plays.
  7. Saw some plays yesterday with a DL guy getting blown off the ball 6 yards, recovering and making a play 7 yards downfield. Really?

Hi-lite videos should be just your best plays. 30-35. Not supposed to be a senior class memory. You have plenty of time for that. Over a month until Christmas, so you have time to make the video a gift.

Game tapes are huge. Be sure that you get with your coaches to select your best games.

Most of all – have fun.



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