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Mansfield Area – Cade Stover, Uriah Schwemley

Cade Stover

Over break I have made an opportunity to watch two Mansfield area football prospects run the basketball court. Both are good high school football players and both will have an opportunity to play on the next level. But both have to get stronger/faster.

Cade Stover (2109) plays football/basketball for Lexington High School. Have watched him since his 9th grade year. Tough, physical, and plays with a motor. Guessin 6’3-215. Excellent closing speed from his OLB position. On that- some say FS and some OLB. Not so sure that he may not put his hand down and come off the edge. Increased strength will help his speed/quickness.

The challenge for Cade will be to challenge himself to get better. So smart, so tough, and so talented earlier in his career that he needs to continue to work hard to stay as a top prospect in Ohio. Understand that he has an Ohio State offer. Cincinnati, Penn State, and Wisconsin have also thrown him offers.

Cade will need to show his skills at some big school football camps this summer. I have no question that he is a hitter. That he plays hard and with a motor. He needs to improve change of direction and initial quickness. Coaches will see that in camp.


Shelby High School’s Uriah Schwemley is much the same type of hitter and finisher as Cade. Not quite as big, guessin 6’2-200, but has some quickness. Plays OLB and some strong safety. Last when Shelby’s starting QB was sitting out for breaking training rules, I think Uriah may have played some QB. Really athletic. But needs to get much bigger/stronger/faster.

Uriah Schwemley

I first saw him against Steubenville Big Red his sophomore year. It was during the playoffs and he battled them. Did not step back, but played with much aggressiveness. Much the same as Cade Stover did against Toledo Central Catholic.

Getting some face time with college coaches will be huge for Uriah. Due to Shelby’s recent success and Uriah’s good play, he is starting to get some “feelers.”

Cade, on the other hand, possesses some “offers,” but needs to continue to get bigger and quicker.

Both prospects play hard. Both play with a “high motor.” Both are tough competitiors.



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