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March – Football Recruiting – Set Game Plan


Is there ever a slow time or a down time for football recruiting? Regardless of the level of college football that you want to play, there is always something to do to get better.

First and foremost, keep working on that GPA. Springtime is near, but keep working hard in the classroom. Be sure to prepare for the ACT or SAT. Obviously, these test are huge in the recruiting process. The better the score – the better chance for more financial aid. The better the score – the more help for a low GPA.

Staying with the Test – I believe the dates in the spring are ACT – Registration deadline is March 9. Test is April 14. The SAT – Registration deadline is April 6. Test is May 5. I have heard that the SAT is making some changes to be more competitive with the ACT.

I am a spring sports guy. Loved to play baseball and coached high school baseball for two years. Enjoy watching girls softball. Coached track for years. With that being said, I encourage football players to do something in the spring. Track is such an individual competitive sport. Baseball for some. I am not a big AAU basketball guy, but I guess football players could do that as well. Well, maybe?

Spring football practices – HUGE in the football recruiting process. HUGE. I will do a blog later – on just Spring practices. As a recruit whether it be D1 or D2 level, getting to a practice is important.

Almost every school begins practices in March. Some finish in March, but most finish in April. Most go twice during the school week and on Saturday. Saturdays are probably the easiest time. But there are so many players, parents, coaches, and kids on a Saturday.

Going to a practice during the week may be tougher to get away from school, but so much less traffic. Sometime less traffic means more individual attention. Individual attention is good, obviously.

Call ahead, of course, and set the day. Going in March is a little easier, because the spring sports competition does not begin until late March. Just a thought.

March may not be a bad time to start taking some serious looks at the colleges who are showing you some serious “love.” Serious love? Maybe  – just some serious attention. Too early for “serious love.” A lot of “offers” are out there. All kinds or levels of offers. You might have a bunch. Try to get and idea of what you are wanting.

Check out Division 2 schools now. Most have spring practices. I have always believed that getting to know just what D2 school programs are all about is important. At the end of the day – more Ohio high school players will be in D2 programs than D1 programs.

D2 football is much closer to D1 football than D3 football. With the exception of Mount Union, D3 football is home for many high school football players. Hard to be a starter, but not hard to be on a team.

Get ready for spring evaluations. College coaches will be out on the road again, I believe April 14 until sometime in the middle of May. I also do a blog just on Spring Recruiting the first of April.

If your high school coach is supportive, and I hope  that he is, you may want to think about some dates in April when the college coaches can watch you compete in your spring sport. Watch you workout. Watch you throw. Although that sounds like a long time in the future, it is not. Something to think about.

March may be one of the less active months in the football recruiting process, but, as usual, there are always some things to plan or to do. Kind of like setting an early game plan. Once April is here, the real action picks up again.

Of course, I do blogs about events in April — Spring games. Evaluation periods. Handling – offers. Summer football camp planning. Just to name a few.

March madness in college basketball is huge. The second season. The most exciting time for most college basketball fans, players, and colleges. On a smaller scale – there is some March madness in the college football recruiting world as well.

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