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As you can see from the new website, my interests and focus has changed in recent years. My website guy, Curt Mulholland deserves all of the credit. He had never done a sports website before he met me.

Still catching up on the switch over with HUDL video. But I will get there. Just behind. Plus I am getting new ones daily.

I have said over and over and over that Scouting Ohio has the market on video/pictures. Actually I do not go to the site, so I do not know what else they do. But I look at a lot of HUDL video, so I thought that I would make some comments.

“Around the State” is a way to do features on college prospects around Ohio. This is really more valuable during the season, but I also see football players in other sports. Just another way to promote college football prospects. Plus college coaches learn more about a prospect.

The “blog” will always be the blog. I look at it as a way to get some other type of information out there to readers. Any subject that helps make a parent, coach, or prospect more knowledgeable about the recruiting process, I will usually cover.  Of course, I would like to tell true stories about Ohio State, but those blogs would not be helpful. Fun, but not helpful.

I would like to have readers very AWARE of the CONTACT section at the top of the home page. If a reader has any questions,  comments, suggestions, or thoughts on football recruiting, I would encourage them to check out the CONTACT section. I will also answer any email that I feel that I can be helpful.

The football recruiting process gets crazier and crazier every month. Something is always changing. The process is earlier and earlier. Recruiting services are becoming more and more popular. Individual instruction is more commonplace. Media recruiting writers are covering more and more into detail. Football recruiting media, in general, gets more “fake” news out there.

Hope that you enjoy the new website. Now just called msrohio.

My late wife over 25 years ago designed the football on the goal post. Probably a little silly, but it has always been a part of me.

Yea Ohio !!!!


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