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McCallister’s Answer to Ohio Spring Football


Tomorrow I will be attending five high school football showcases in the Dayton area. While in the area, I may also visit with two other high school football coaches. Last week, I evaluated seven teams. Meeting and evaluating Ohio college football prospects seems to be ever ending. But for the most part, always – FUN.

The newest trend in football recruiting in Ohio seems to be high schools holding their own showcases. I did a blog earlier on showcases. Please check it out.

I worry that the OHSAA, and or the NCAA, will put the “squeeze” to this relative new concept, as they so often do. We cannot make high school football “too big.” The NCAA has already put the stops to D1 college coaches attending a combine atmosphere, where high school coaches team together to hold their own “combine.”

Ohio does not need “spring football practices.” Period. I know states that do have spring practices. Wonderful. But Ohio has an excellent spring sports calendar. Of course, having spring practices do help some, but how much? Funny, I talked with a Power Five coach and he was commenting about Texas and spring football.

He said that the problem, at times with spring ball, is that the kids are “topped out.” Many have reached their “ceiling” as a high school senior. Don’t know if that is true, but that is what he said.

Back to Ohio spring football practices. Too much money required. Too much time required to prepare equipment. Too many coaches coach more than one sport. Too many players playing more than one sport. Too much animosity from other coaches in other sports. Too much time is already spent on football. Too often bad weather in the spring.

My solution.  The OHSAA will not agree, because it is not their idea. It makes too much sense. The NCAA needs to have regulations against recruiting, but cannot enforce what they have now.

The biggest problem would be that the kids would benefit (sarcasm). Sometimes rule and regulations do not benefit the high school player. Do all of the rules and regulations have the kids’ bets interest at heart? At times, I do not know, for real.

Ohio HS Football Showcases

Two days during the NCAA college football coaches evaluation period in the spring – April 15 – May 31 – Ohio high schools would be allowed to host a Showcase. ONLY the host team would be in this showcase.

  1. The Showcase will be much the same as an actual in season practice. Coaches would be allowed to coach their individual positions.
  2. Two hours maximum in length.
  3. Each student who is being recruited would have contact information and a small bio. They would also have a recent transcript available.
  4. All classes would be practicing. For example, this spring the Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 would be in this showcase.
  5. Footballs, bags, and football practice equipment would be in full use.
  6. No full team drills. BUT one on one drills would be be permitted. Not sure my thoughts on some 7on7,  just yet.
  7. College coaches would NOT be able to talk with the players before, during, or after practice.
  8. A high school can only use two days to spend using the Showcase to promote players.
  9. Important – all of the rules and regulations adopted by the OHSAA for football are in effect, EXCEPT for these two days. All of the coaching rules would apply, except for these two days.
  10. Helmets would not be required, but encouraged.

I like the idea of Conference Combines. No footballs. No individual coaching. Combine tests and measurements. D1 college coaches need to be allowed to attend. Silly rule that they cannot. College coaches cannot talk with the players.

Although I am not against the Opening, Rivals, or Under Armour camps, Showcases would slow down some of these other money-maker football camps. Might also, slow down one of the biggest opponents to these private camps in the spring.

Ohio does not need “spring football practices.” BUT I really like my idea of High School Showcases. Also, like the idea of Conference Combines. Of course, my thoughts and 1.49 will get you a free medium coffee at McDonalds.


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