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Mentor WR Luke Floriea – Big Play Guy


I have always thought that there is a place in football, regardless the level, for that shorter player. Not always small – just short. The same player must be able to make big plays in big games against big players.

Watched Mentor High School against Cleveland St Ignatius High School and came away really impressed with WR Luke Floriea (2020). All 5’9-170 pounds of him.

Mentor has a good, young sophomore quarterback, Ian Kipp, who is only going to get better. Mentor also has two offensive linemen in Nick Samac and Ryan Jacoby . They have a fine DE, Noah Potter, who will eventually be a left tackle on the college level. But the junior slot receiver, Luke Floriea, is the “straw that stirs the pepsi.”

Deceptive speed. Gets separation from his defender. Faster when the ball is in the air. Runs well after the catch. Finds the open area. Best of all – I like his toughness and desire to compete.

Against St Ignatius, he caught 6 balls for 156 yards. All of the catches happened at clutch times. On his 55 yard TD, he beat the free safety and made a a one handed catch. Later he ran the same pattern and beat the FS, but tripped on the turf and would have scored.

Like his calming leadership on a very good football team. Plays point guard for the varsity basketball team.

A willing blocker in space, but his strength is catching the ball and making the big play.

There is a place in football for that 5’9 tough competitive player, but he must bring something to the table. In this case, Luke Floriea brings a lot to the table. And I am guessing that he sees 5’9 more than he sees 5’10.

Regardless, he makes catches and sometimes turns those catches into “big plays.”

As the season continues for Mentor, college coaches will see more of Luke Floriea. Plus, he has the summer and another year of high school football.




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