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Michael Gravely jr. 2021 DB Prospect


Last year, I thought that Cleveland Glenville’s Michael Gravely was a very solid wide receiver. Good size and speed. Good hands. Athletic. After watching him last Friday and watching his HUDL hi-lites, he may be a better prospect as a strong safety or “star,” has some call the position.

Surprisingly, he agrees with me. At least that is what he said last night. He believes his strength is on the defensive side. Listed at 6’0-175, he may not have the hips to play corner. But his toughness and burst would make a nice safety. Of course, there is still the possibility of being a ball catcher.

Michael attends Ginn Academy. Enjoys reading just about anything and favors English classes. Carries a 3.7 gpa. Mom’s a nurse, but he wants to enter the business world after his football days are over.

He credits his parents and Coach Ted Ginn for the success that he has had so far. Words that he lives by are ” always stay humble and never take anything for grant. Be thankful for everything.”

Nothing really annoys Michael. Sometimes when people keep picking at him and teasing him, he gets a little bothered, but nothing big.

Michael is a three sport for Glenville Tarblooders. Last winter, he played varsity basketball. During the spring he ran track with the powerful Glenville track team sprinters. Clocked a 10.9/100 meters. Also had a 10.7 split on the state ranked Glenville 4X100 meter relay team.

As a football player, Michael likes contact. Enjoys the physical contact of the game. He does feel that he needs to more focused at times. Needs to lock into each separate play. He needs a little more discipline at times. He will get it done.

The good thing about football for him is the team. Being a team, he likes it when all types of players come together to compete. Losing is tough on him, but he enjoys competing against strong competition.

Michael is athletic and catches the ball well. Needs to get faster and improve 5th gear. Needs a better burst, but he has really good closing speed on the ball. Explodes on contact and finishes. Good open field tackler. Plays downhill. Runs down ball carriers. As mentioned before, he is tough and will compete.

His advice to the freshman is to take nothing for granted. Pay attention to your coaches. Stay focused and absorb everything.

Recruiting has been enjoyable for him. Good to be able to meet college coaches and other high school football players. He likes the sincerity and honesty of college coaches.

I asked him who he would trade places with for just one day. Anyone, anywhere! His answer was his head football coach Ted Ginn. “Amazing what he does for the young black man.” Good choice.


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