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MSR is not a Football Recruiting Service


I have been trying to come up with the words to write regarding just what I do with the McCallister Scouting Report. As often as I can – I tell parents – I am not a recruiting service for players or parents. I scout and evaluate D1 potential athletes for colleges. Beginning this year, I do not charge college football programs.

What I do, I do for free. I turned down 1,000 dollars last summer. I am not a recruiting service. I do not promote your son to colleges all over the country. I do not have time to meet with a player and put together a “recruiting package.”

I do not have time to work with D3 colleges. They, for the most part, have been reluctant to purchase my services over the years. Since I have not worked with them, I do not provide them with many players. Most of my work is with the D1 and D2 level football players.

With that said, if your son is not getting attention or any firm “love” from D1 schools half way through his senior year, getting a D1 football scholarship is almost impossible to get now – seven games into the season. D2 schools are  trying to finalize their list for the final recruiting drive.

I checkout the HUDL video that is sent to me. If you are 5’9-165 and play corner, you have no chance to get a scholarship. NONE.

A mother told me to evaluate every game that her son played in so far this fall. You’re kidding me! She is telling me what to do. That is not even worth talking about, period.

I get emails with lists and lists of accomplishments that a player has received. I do not read them. I don’t have time. Plus – what is the purpose?

The whole college football recruiting world is a business. A big business. It starts out fun, but it gets down right ugly in some situations. Last year, roughly 120 Ohio high school seniors received football scholarships. Only 120.

Going as a preferred walk on is possible. Check it out, but that is also getting more difficult. If you have not been approached about being a PWO, that, too, may getting late.

Parents and players, please understand, you may have to take two steps back and weigh the situation. If you have been to summer camps and played in six games and still have no love from BCS schools, it is too late. You must look for other paths.

If you are in the 2019 Class, I really cannot help you. Simply too late.

The McCallister Scouting Report finds, evaluates, and rates Ohio high school football players whom I consider potential D1/D2 level recruits.. Most of my effort is on the D1 level.

In no way am I trying to be an attitude. If you are a senior and still looking for the chance to play D1 football, I believe that it too late. I evaluate HUDL video Hi-lites after the season.

I wish you the best.


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