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The McCallister Scouting Report provides information on Ohio high school football players who have the potential to play college football. Although some high school and college coaches consider the service primarily for Division I schools, Division II and III schools can obtain valuable information from the service. Last year, the Directory covered over 970 prospects.

McCallister Scouting Report serves two purposes. First, we get exposure and recognition for football players in Ohio. Second, we provide college programs with contact information, measurements, and a rating system on potential playing level in college for each prospect.

McCallister Scouting Report is a certified Scouting Service by the NCAA.

What makes the McCallister Scouting Report one of the most reliable sources of information and evaluation for college coaches?

1. John McCallister coached high school football in Ohio for over twenty years, most of those as a head coach.

2. Now he works as the recruiting consultant for the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association.

3. McCallister attends high school football games on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Many times he evaluates one half and then goes to another game to watch the second half.

4. During the offseason, McCallister evaluates prospects playing other sports, either in a practice or at a game.

5. McCallister also directs combines and football camps in the off season.

6. One of the least expensive football scouting services in the country.

McCallister Scouting Report – Program Descriptions

Ohio Prospects Super Directory

The Ohio Prospects Super Directory will provide college football staffs with over 600 prospects from the Ohio Class of 2017. Preference will be given to the Division I and Division II level potential prospects. In this “Super Directory,” prospects from the Ohio Classes of 2018 and 2019 will be included. Information will be all in the same format.

The McCallister Scouting Report is a certified Scouting Service by the NCAA.

A. Included are home phone and cell phone numbers, and measurements. Also included are GPA and test scores. No home addresses or email addresses.

B. Complete high School addresses/phone number

C. Current head football coach’s cell phone number. Email addresses when available.

D. MSR individual ratings

01A – Top 30 program

1 – Definite Division I program

2 – Possible Division I program

3 – Marginal Division I program

4 – Definite Division II program

5 – Too early to predict

E. For your convenience, MSR divides the state into sections: Central, Cincinnati Metro, Cleveland Metro, Northeast Ohio, Northwest Ohio, Southeast Ohio and Southwest Ohio.

F. Either Directory will also be available in Excel format.

Ohio Prospects Directory

The Ohio Prospects Directory will be the same format as The Ohio Prospects Super Directory but will not include the Classes of 2018 and 2019. Everything else will be the same as in the past.

MSR Monday Evaluations – In season

During the high school football season, MSR will send an email every Monday with reports on the prospects that John McCallister watched the previous weekend. At times, he will add additional prospects that he evaluated on video.

Results of Both Football Camps and Combines

During March, McCallister Scouting Report will hold three developmental combines for underclassmen in Ohio. In June, MSR will hold a showcase football camp for underclassmen in Ohio.

December – Prospect’s List

An Ohio Prospects List is available for the Ohio Class of 2017 and will be available December 2016. If the Ohio Prospects Super Directory is ordered, prospects list for the Classes of 2018 and 2019 will also be available December 2016.

Name – school – position – height/weight – comments -GPA – Cell Phone.

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