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MSR – Top Defensive Linemen – 2020 Class


D-Linemen will be divided into defensive tackles and defensive ends. There are some excellent prospects at each position. Some high school DE’s may move inside on the next level. Some OLB’s may put their hand on the ground. Obviously, these are just my position projections.

Defensive Tackles

  1. Darrion Henry – Cincinnati Princeton – 6’4-280. Almost a freak with regards to quickness and getting to the QB. Powerful. Plays pad under pad. Aggressive. Needs to get stronger. Needs to improve re-direct. Be more consistent. Tremendous prospect. Ohio State
  2. Ty Hamilton – Pickerington Central – 6’3-250. Excellent quickness. Gets off blocks. Good hands. Plays pad under pad. Physical. Really like his athleticism. Plays some DE, but believe that he will grow into an inside guy. Add good weight and get stronger. Ohio State
  3. TeRah Edwards – Groveport Madison – 6’2-300. Good quickness. Good initial burst. Strong. Plays pad under pad. Athletic. Good motor. Needs to lose some weight. Prospect on the DL, but believe that he could be a powerful center.  Northwestern
  4. Justin Wodtly – Cleveland Heights – 6’3-275. Really has developed into a top DT. Plays fast. Good initial quickness. Gets off blocks. Runs to the ball. Like his tough, aggressive style. Needs to play more under control. Continue to develop body.  Cincinnati
  5. Chris Mayfield – Hilliard Bradley – 6’2-250. Like him as a DE, but believe that he will grow into a 3tech. Excellent quickness. Gets off blocks. Concern about height. Like his aggressiveness.  Michigan State
  6. Abe Alabi -Pickerington Central – 6’4-315. Definite 3tech. Good initial quickness. Improve separation. Play more pad under pad. Wish he were lighter. Like his strength inside. Movement a concern. Physical.  N/A
  7. Dontez Brown – Fremont Ross – 6’1-260. Plays with pad under pad. Like his toughness. Needs to continue to get stronger. Needs to improve foot quickness. Needs more explosiveness.  Bowling Green


Defensive Ends

  1. Brandon Taylor – Lima Senior – 6-3-260. Excellent initial quickness. Gets to the football. Long. Gets off blocks. Wish he were a little taller. Like his toughness. Good overall quickness. Needs to improve re-direct.  Penn State
  2. Jaiden Cameron – – Dayton Northmont – 6’3-225. Tremendous ceiling. Really quick off ball. Gets to the QB. Uses his hands to separate. Can re-direct, but needs to improve. Must add weight and overall strength.
  3. Jaheim Thomas – Cincinnati Princeton – 6’2-220. Like is toughness. Gets to the football. Finishes plays. Frame to add weight. Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Improve re-direction. Plays OLB now, but will put his hand down.  Cincinnati
  4. Gage Keys – Hilliard Davidson – 6’5-245. Just starting to get bigger/stronger/quicker. Long. Good initial quickness. Stays on feet. Good speed off the edge. Really athletic. Could be an O-center, if DE does not workout. Best football ahead.  Minnesota
  5. Jaelen Crider – Stow – 6’3-245. Good quickness off the edge. Gets to the football. Finishes plays. Needs to get bigger/stronger. Eventually may move inside to a 3tech. Aggressive. Plays hard. Tough.  Toledo
  6. James Thompson – Cincinnati Roger Bacon – 6’4-250. Like his athleticism. Good initial quickness. Good motor. Needs to play more pad under pad at times. Concern about size. Needs to add weight and get stronger. Possible OL as well.  N/A
  7. Tariq Williamson – Akron East – 6’2-230. Plays downhill. Aggressive. Athletic. Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Needs to be able to re-direct. Much will depend on size and strength. Toledo.
  8. Tanner Cromer – Cincinnati Reading – 6’4-225. Long. Good frame to add weight. Gets off the edge. Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Needs to improve change of direction.   N/A
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