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New Trend – High School Football Showcases


I need to take time to help parents and prospects understand the new trend of having the high school coach hold workouts or “showcases” for for college football coaches to attend.

Over the years, I have joined college coaches watch quarterback and receivers work out after school. Sometimes early and before school, sessions were also held.

In the last two years high school coaches have expanded the college workouts to include all positions. Not only QB’s and receivers.

Warm-ups. Timed combine tests. Agility drills. Football related drills. Position specific drills. Almost all football drills. No seven on seven competitions.

These showcases have to be held at the host team’s high school. Usually they are not really open to the public, or, at least, the public is not encouraged to attend. One major rule to remember.

Players from other schools CANNOT PARTICIPATE in a showcase that has footballs and does football related drills.

Some conferences are holding college football showcases on one high school field. Many of the conference schools will be in attendance. There is one major difference.

No footballs – No bags – No football related drills. No school verses school competition.

What schools are able to do.

1. Measurements for height/weight

2. Combine testing : 40’s – pro shuttle – l-cone – broad jump – vertical jump – bench press

3. Allowed to record tests results

4. Agility drills – NO footballs – NO bags

A high school football player cannot just go to another school’s showcase and workout. His coach cannot take him. A showcase with footballs and bags is off limits to him.

Just setting up a “college showcase,” is sometimes not as sound as one may think.. The school has to have, at least one really good prospect. FBS schools are really busy recruiting and cannot just come to any old “showcase.” A high school has to have good prospects.  These prospects can be in any grade in high school.

Since so many high school players play D3 football, and some play D2 football. I like the idea of a “conference showcase.” Invite all of the D2 and D3 schools in Ohio and the surrounding areas. Just do testing. Colleges would get legit times and measurements. Just a thought.

Sounds good, but much work involved.



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