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New Website in December


Hopefully around the first of December you will be looking at a completely new website. McCallister is going bigtime to keep up with the times. More video friendly. Still bloggin it! Still doing articles.

Back in the summer, my website guy asked me if I wanted to upgrade my sight. He said that I was getting enough traffic to justify it. In fact, he was surprised at the increase in traffic.

He also wanted to make the HUDL hi-lites more accessible. More out there. The video will be better. I will still have my comments and a brief evaluation on each prospect. I enjoy doing the short evaluations.

I will not or do not expect to be in “Scouting Ohio’s” league. Mark and Steph Porter do such a good job. Hopefully, my website will be another way to promote college prospects. Also, I want to continue to give my thoughts on the recruiting process.

By the way, initially, I said a flat -“No” to the idea. Said that I needed to give it some thought. After weighing all of the pro’s and con’s, I met back with my web guy last month. He explained more in detail and showed me a model of what MSROHIO would be.

Changed my mind.

Not sure what I want to do with the college part of my service just yet. No radical moves are planned. Just after so many years of providing colleges with information, at times it seems like I am spinning my wheels. Not a McCallister characteristic.

Last year, Coach Meyer kidded my about his remembering when I was one of three guys that he dealt with when he was an assistant at Notre Dame.  Now, everybody gets information so quickly. Of course, the majority do not evaluate.

I am excited about doing a better job of promoting young men. As most know, I am a kid’s guy and feel that Ohio high school football is the best sport, regardless.

Finally, there will be some other new sections, but I can not give out all of the new additions to MSROHIO. That would be no fun.

I cannot promise anything, but if there is something that you the reader would like to see on my website, please send make a comment. No, I will not hire a proofreader !!!

Yea Ohio!!!!


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