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No Love from D1 Coaches – Change Your Game Plan


December 5, and I am still getting questions about “how can I get better?” – “what else can my son do?” – “just some D2 schools!” – “you can be a PWO!”

First, as most people in the football recruiting business realize, I am “kid’s guy.” Pure and simple. The players or kids are usually the ones getting the “short straw.” I will tell you I appreciate the HUDL hi-lites video. I appreciate the player profiles. I appreciate the questions for help.

If you are a senior or in the Class of 2019 and you have no D1 offers, or any love from D1 schools, then chances are – you are not going to get a D1 scholarship. Possible chances in Ohio are Bowling Green or Akron. Both schools are scrambling to keep recruits already committed. Both need to fill the board.

“Flipping.” Of course, some flipping to other schools will happen.That will always be the case. At the biggest school in Ohio, their “B” list will be re-visited. Happens every year. Schools in the Midwest will be looking for the Ohio 2019 prospect who might be able to fill their need.

Negative here, but December 19 is the early signing. Too late to get better. Really nothing else that a son can to do to get his name out there.

Preferred Walk On. I have done blogs before on this. PWO is now the modern reference. Call it what you want, but it means very little. Very little. A PWO status means that you get to report the same day that the rest of the team reports. After that first day – a PWO becomes a WO. A little humor here, but be sure not to let PWO status turn into POW status. You are just a practice guy.

A mother contacted me over a month ago. Her son had been contacted by a top football program in Ohio asking her son if he wanted to a PWO. She asked me my thoughts. First question – Does your son want to actually play college football? Her answer – “Yes!” Or does he want to travel to big games, stand in front of large crowds, play in the spring game. or proudly wear his big school gear?

The only way that I would encourage going to a school as a PWO is if I knew that the recruit was going to transfer after the first year. Get some better coaching. Get bigger/stronger/faster. Make some contacts. Then transfer to get on the field.

Best answer if a recruit is getting no love, or just staying warm.

Look back to see what Division 2 schools contacted you during the early recruiting process. Get the name of the coach who was communicating with you. Contact him. Better yet – have your football coach contact him. Begin the process!!!

I really respect D2 football that is played in Michigan and Ohio. Huge respect for the level of football. Players get drafted who have played in the D2 level.

Really for those looking for the D1 opportunity for a scholarship, it ain’t gonna happen! I suggest D2 football. Although higher playing level, Indiana State and Youngstown State may have possibilities. Of course, Mount Union and John Carroll play really good D3 football.

For any underclassmen reading this blog, learn a lesson!

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