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No More MSR Developmental Combines


I remember doing our first MSR football combine during the OHSFCA State 70n7 tournament many years ago. In June and at Dublin Coffman on one corner of the football field. including the track. Believe we had something like 73 players.

After that, we held them in March, moved them indoors and held them at different sites throughout Ohio. From Toledo, Lancaster, Cleveland, Dayton, but our home was always Central Ohio. We had our biggest turnouts in Central Ohio. A few years ago, we had a team discount and, I believe we had almost 250 players participate.

Combines, done the correct way, are  important training tools for the players who want to perform well at other camps and combines. College coaches always do the same test, either as a drill or a timed test. To me getting ready for the college camps was the most important reason to hold combines.

Our combines were always honest with measurements. Actually. almost to a fault. Heights were always accurate and always with no shoes. 40 times were always accurate. No “Ohio State times” or feel good times. The 40 was always timed by a professional trainer.

I heard that Scouting Ohio’s Mark Porter puts out tweets condemning private combines and camps. Actually making sarcastic comments about me. I don’t read twitter much, so I am not affected personally. I wish that Mark would have  come to one of my combines to see how they well organized they were. And to see what were trying to accomplish. But it is what it is.

Finally, our people taught the test. Explained it thoroughly. Gave players more than two chances to score. If a player messed up, we let him go again. To me, it was all about educating and competing and, hopefully, learning.

Charles Gresham and Brad Basil deserve so much credit for the success of the MSR Developmental Combines. Chuck, of D1 Sports Training in Columbus ran the program, tested the 40’s, and answered all of my questions.  Brad was a backup for helping with the testing. But he ran the complete registration part of the combines. He was responsible for setting up, signing in, and closing down. Both were tremendous assistant coaches.

No more MSR Developmental Combines. But keep on the watch for an Underclassman Showcase or two in May. Always a possibility.

Thank you.


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