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No “Offers.” No “Love.” What’s Next?


Starting to get questions from seniors who are concerned about the “what to do now” in the recruiting process.

Questions from dads who think that their son should be getting some “love” from D1 schools. Questions from dads and high school coaches about  D2 programs. Of course, most prospects and dads and some high school coaches are far from thinking about D3 schools right now. Probably will be different in December/January. At least “the thinking about.”

Blunt and to the point – if a recruit is not having any contact with D1 schools so far, he has almost no chance at receiving a scholarship. None. Some exceptions, but very, very few.

If a prospect has played his junior year, has sent out his junior HUDL hi-lites video, has attended college summer football camps, and has had a solid (just completed) senior year, but has received “no offers,” his chances of getting one are two: slim and none.

Right now, D2 schools, like Findlay, Tiffin, and Ashland, are getting ready to hit the road. A new rule allows them to speak with recruits. Obviously, most D2 schools have and are doing their homework. They have the lists and information, which gives them a starting point.

Before you drop your chin or roll your eyes, D2 football is pretty good football.  D2 schools always seem to have at least one player, who has drawn the interest of the NFL coaches. NFL scouts stop by the schools, and/or are watching practice. One my favorite players, Tiffin’s Charles Holland has drawn a lot interest this fall from NFL scouts.

Go to your head football coach and ask him just “what you should be doing with regards to football recruiting. ” With the regular season in the books, he may be busy, but try. A prospect needs to make the coach the starting point. If that does not work, check with experienced guys in the business.

Ask your head coach if he is going to the College Recruiting Nights that start in the first week of December. These are the nights where communication between the high school coaches and D2 and D3 really get serious. Coaches provide handouts and college coaches take notes.

The sad thing is that areas that really need to expose their prospects do not hold Recruiting Nights. For example, Northwest Ohio does not hold one. For, I guess, a number of reasons they do not have one. Probably know the main reason.

If D3 schools are doing their job, they should have some players whom they are watching now. At least names and schools. If you are reading this, and you know your limitations, but just want to play some more football, check out some D3 schools.

The top line guys on D3 programs are pretty good. Some starters have been in a D1 program, but through injuries or grades they are now playing D3 football. But after the top guys, almost anybody can wear a uniform. Now, that is not a put down, just reality.

As of November 1, if I had very little going on the D1 level, or even D2, I would get my HUDL HiLites video done asap. Get my football resume’ done. Try to schedule some college trips. Get my ACT  score as high as possible. Start working on my Financial Aid information. Maybe even check out a college football practice on any level. D1, D2, or D3. Best if your coach sets up the visit.

If a prospect really dreams about playing D1 college football and has no “offers,” check out the preferred walk-on at an FBS program. But, remember, the “preferred walk-on” just means that you report with the team in August. After that, you are a walk-on.

The best in the recruiting process. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Sometimes ugly.



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  1. Charles Holland

    July 31, 2018 at 12:57 am

    Thank you Mr. McCalister! One more season to go! And you were the first one to discover my talents from a scout prospective!


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