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No Offers Yet – Chances Getting Slimmer


Heading to Akron University for an evening football camp tonight. Actually due to an NCAA rule on scheduling camps, college football camps may end Sunday, June 24.

There is a dead period from June 24 through July 25. No camps. College coaches cannot leave campus. Recruits can not visit campus. Short phone calls. (Don’t know for sure) In essence – everybody needs a break.

Recently, I am starting to receive emails, text, and calls about getting more exposure. Like — “What do we do now? Can you give us any more ideas? I know that he is my son, but he is a d1 recruit, or he can play D1 football.

As much as I hate to admit it, but if you do not get an offer coming out of the summer camp scene, you may be hurting for that D1 offer. After July 1, things might be tough, real tough.

An expert on football recruiting – Mark Porter believes that no offer – no chance for D1 offer. At least that he puts on twitter is what I was told.

For the percentages are really slim. Some Mid American schools have all of their slots filled. That is mid-level D1. Almost all schools have their offers all spent.

If you are still rehabbing from an injury and will not go full go until the middle of August, some schools will have an offer ready. Some schools will wait and see how the first opposite color contact goes. In this situation, there is probably a chance for an offer on the table. Maybe!

One suggestion with two weeks left – try to attend some smaller camps where recognition is easier. More individual attention, may be a better chance for an honest evaluation.

Talk with your head football coach at your school. See if he would at least try to talk to a Division 1 level coach to see if he give you more than a look -see.

Ohio State has two more one day camps coming up. For those who know me, realize that I am not making OSU camps the ultimate. With 800 campers, individual recognition will be hard. Hopefully, there will the same number of Ohio colleges there as there were last week.

Check my college camp list on this website. I know that there are MAC schools hosting camps, yet, over the next two weeks.

Preferred Walk On’s are now able to get money from Pell grants. I do not know how it works for sure, but the money available differs with each college. But recruits now use PWO. I guess that makes preferred walk-ons more prestigious. Check out the college’s PWO procedure.

I meet players with high grades and they mention the higher academic schools, like the Ivy League, as a last resort. WOW. The Ivy Leagues are special. Football is still football.

Youngstown State has always impressed me. In D3 Mount Union plays pretty good football. Humor- because of course they do.

Schools like Ashland and Tiffin play very solid D2 football. D2, as most D2 coaches will tell, is really important to me. They play very good football. And there is a chance to play on Sundays. Hard, but there is a chance. For me, D2 football is a lot closer to D1 football than D3 football.

Finally, and I know that it sounds like the old football coach in me, but if you do not have an offer, commit yourself to working your butt off to get better. Better, not only for yourself, but for your team. Only takes just one. Always a chance.

With regards to work – even if you have 50 offers, still continue to work your butt off.

When I met my late wife for the first time, I asked her if I would ever get to take her on a date. She was almost 6 years younger than me. (Enough said here) . She told me – “when pigs fly.” Five days later, a livestock truck was taking little pigs to another barn and tipped over. Pigs were jumping out of the truck and into the air. Pigs were flying only for a short time. I married her a year later. You just never know.

Keep working hard.


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