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Ohio Football Recruits – Keep Your Eyes Wide Open


Before you read anything here, this is not a shame on O-State, or second guessing the OSU coaching and support staff. Period! They are much better talent evaluators than I. Plus, they know their “needs,” more than I do. Please no narrow minded O-State fans need to comment.

I opened the Findlay Courier sports page yesterday and on the 2nd page – article headline – “Snell runs wild in Kentucky win.” Over Big Ten power – Penn State, by the way. “Warren leads Cincinnati to win.” Burrow throws for 394 yards in Fiesta Bowl win.” That win was against undefeated Central Florida. Also in an article, I read where Pitt’s TB Darrin Hall from Austintown Fitch ran fro 123 yards.

These four former Ohio high school football players were not offered by Ohio State. Kentucky TE CJ Conrad was not offered by OSU. But all have having stellar careers at other college football programs. Of course, O-State ranks 6th in the country. That speaks for itself. They do not make many mistakes in recruiting.

Earlier, I watched Iowa State get nipped by Washington State. Former Mt Healthy athlete David Montgomery did not have a great game, but word is that he is leaving for the NFL. Big surprise was freshman Mike Rose playing a solid game at ILB. Believe that he had a pick. Mike is from Brecksville HS.

Ohio Class of 2020, keep all of your options open as you begin the serious part of the recruiting process. Look into many schools. Listen to many schools. Research many schools. Go to camp to as many schools that you can financially afford. BUT KEEP ALL OF YOUR OPTIONS OPEN.

In January, college coaches will be doing “junior” recruiting. Now people do not call it that, but juniors get looked at and also get a ” What’s up, man?” Colleges from all over the country will be stopping by your school, if you are a potential top recruit.

Ohio State will by to see the Ohio 2020 Class recruits. Especially, with some new coaches on board. They do a good job of seeing Ohio prospects. Obviously, they do their homework.

Many Ohio high school football players dream of playing for the Buckeyes. For the most part, I understand. Many Ohio high school football coaches dream of their player playing for the Buckeyes. Of course, parents dream of their son playing for the Buckeyes. Sadly, but high school coaches and the players’ parents dreams are sometimes more selfish in nature. Enough said. But they also, usually have the final say.

As spring recruiting visits and spring practice visits start. As the media and Ohio State recruiting media start communicating with recruits. As the spring evaluation period occurs in April. As the summer camp invitations are made by the college coaches. Players or recruits, try, try, try and try to keep your eyes wide open. Enjoy the ride, but keep things in perspective.

I remember an Ohio player a few years ago who was an excellent athlete. Played in a small school program. Guessin 6’4-215 when I first saw him. Actually saw him to a “big time,” dunk in a basketball game. But he was a raw football player at tight end. Never learned to block in high school. But could catch anything. I mean anything. Went to Friday Night lights in Columbus. I told him not to go. Dreamed of O-State. Was not developed enough for OSU. Went to Kentucky and developed into one of the top TE’s in the country. Will be a high round draft choice. Will make more  money than I do.

Joey Burrows spent 3 or 4 years at O-State developing his QB skills. Because he was a drop back QB, I told his dad it was a mistake. Ohio State at the time was not going to change their offense for Joey Burrows. He wanted the challenge and committed to O-State. Never played any good minutes. Transferred to LSU. The rest is history. In fact I told his dad once that he would have a better chance in the NFL than playing significant minutes at OSU.

Also read in a newspaper today, that a player at OSU was so gratetful to play for the Buckeyes. He flipped years ago from a southern school. He worked hard and was always on the edge. At the time, I was disappointed, because I did not think that he was good enough to play at OSU. Although things never quite worked out for him, he was grateful his OSU experience.

Again, OSU coaches are good evaluators and recruited Dewayne Haskins. Pretty good player, right?

This is not a knock on O-State recruiting. They choose to do what they feel is correct. They evaluate well. They do not need John McCallister to approve.

I am just saying to Ohio football players in the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021. Keep your options open. Keep your eyes wide open. Do not drink the Buckeye kool-aid too soon. Your parents and coaches will, but don’t you.





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