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OL Blake Miller Strongsville HS 2022 Class


First met Strongsville’s offensive tackle, Blake Miller, at the Cleveland Browns high school camp during his eighth grade year. At the time, he was measured 6’5-285. When he told me that he was an eighth grader, I thought that he misunderstood me.

Last year as a 9th grader, he played some DL, mostly, I would guess to get on the field. Not a college defensive lineman, but a very good prospect on offense.

Last Friday, he played left tackle. His feet were better than I had expected. Liked his aggressiveness. Thought his lateral range range was good. He call pull and lead. Good balance. Solid on pass pro. Euclid is a very quick team. Thought that Blake was solid.

Blake is a one sport guy. Football year round. Of course, he trains hard during the off season. Guessin that he is playing at about 310. Wish he were more of a 285 guy, but, for sure, he should not add more weight. Quickness improvement will be the key to his development.

Words to live by for Blake is to be “the best that he can be ” in school, in the classroom, in football, or really in anything that he tries to do. He is driven to be at his best in all challenges. I sense that in talking with him.

The biggest influence on his football development has been his dad. His dad has instilled a work ethic in him. He pushes him to succeed. Not a raving parent, but a dad who wants his son to work hard. After meeting his dad a while back, I agree.

After college, Blake, like many college prospects would like a shot in the NFL. After that, he would like to get into engineering field or an area that involves chemistry. He carries a 3.85 GPA and his favorite subjects are math and science.

Although he has some strengths as a football player, he believes that a major one is his ability to pick up coaching points right away. He can make adjustments and is coachable.  As a player he needs to improve on “forgetting a bad play,” and get on with the next play.

Best thing about football for him is the team. Like a band of brothers, they work together, they play together, and they disagree together. He likes the closeness of his team. Even in his free time, some of his teammates will go fishing.

The worst thing about football is going home Friday with aches and bruises and having to get the kinks out on Saturday morning. I am sure that almost every boy who plays football would agree.

He is drawing interest from many Power Five schools, including Indiana, Clemson, Michigan, and Ohio State. Only a 10th grader and as he does the college summer camp tour, interest will pick up.

Blake is a young big high school player. For me – Need to see more true athleticism. Need to see better bending. Need to see more flexibility. But what he brings to the table –  6’6-310. Only a 10th grader. Gives good effort. Physical. Two years to develop.

Love his potential. Blake Miller is one of the top OL guys in the Ohio 2022 Class with a very high ceiling.

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