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Orlando Pace – True Hall of Fame Person


Woody Hayes wrote a book back in the day, “You Win with People.” Of course, I have a copy someplace. Coach Hayes was obviously, “spot on.” Orlando Pace is tremendous example.

Orlando played high school football for Sandusky High School. Guessin 6’6-280 back then. Maybe bigger. Actually was a two sport star. Had offers in basketball, as well as in football. In fact, I joked with him about going to BGSU to play both sports. He would not give me a straight answer. Think that he graduated in 1994. Parade All-American in 1993.

On to Ohio State. His high school coach told me this story 20 years ago. Orlando was set to go Michigan. More of courtesy visit, but he made an official visit to Ohio State. Talked to his coach on that following Monday. Told his coach, ” I am going to be a Buckeye.” He went on to say that the late Corey Stringer was his host for the weekend. Corey told him that he was going to take his place at Ohio State and be the next All-American offensive tackle. And he did just that. Finished 4th in the Heisman voting his last year at OSU.

Orlando played 13 seasons in the NFL. During that time, he played all 16 regular season games – 9 times. Elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2013. Selected for the NFL Hall of Fame in 2016.

He accepted an Ohio State football program award- Ohio’s Finest Award recognizing Ohio Legends. This award was the college award. Spoke 5-8 minutes, but emphasized the importance of being a positive influence on young people. Related the story about a Sandusky HS football coach told him at early age that he could be a very good football player. Those words were huge to him. I guess that he listened and remembered for a long time!!!

He also took time after his acceptance speech to pose for pictures with some well wishers. Chatted with some coaches. Then he gradually left the building. Really took everything in stride.

I am writing this blog, not so much to recognize Orlando Pace and his football awards, but to express my admiration to the people that visited my Facebook page – msrohio. Orlando is a tremendous person who also happened to be a tremendous football player. Sandusky is proud of him, for real.

I did just a short FB entry, including a picture of Orlando. Who, by the way, looks like he could still play left tackle.

For the record- the Orlando comments had 8.160 reaches. There are 168 loves/likes. 64 people shared the story on Orlando. 78 people made comments to Orlando. Guessin most were from Sandusky, but what an honor for the Sandusky legend.

For three days, the comments and likes keep appearing the site.

In the 2018, we seem to be finding fault with people on all levels of life. We seem to be tearing down heroes. We seem to be showing no respect for people. High profiled people seem to be getting the biggest shots.

Orlando Pace is an amazing person. The people from Sandusky, Ohio seem to agree. Actually, they are ones that I appreciate. I really appreciate their response to Orlando on my Facebook page. Loyalty is such a good thing!!



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