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Otto Kuhns – 2020 QB Recruit – Free Advice


Last fall, I watched sophomore quarterback, Otto Kuhns, from Bloom Carroll High School, play against John Glenn High School during the playoffs. Took him a while to settle in, but he played well the rest of the game.

Last night Otto played well for a 10th grader against a very athletic, quick and talented Beechcroft basketball team. Beechcroft wore Bloom Carroll down, but the game was tight a halftime. So much for basketball. Let’s talk football.

Thought Otto played well, considering that he was to miss the rest of the season because of back problems. He came back with three games left in the season and competed. Impressive.

Guessin 6’3-195. Big shoulders. May get a little taller.  Runs well. Really like his QB presence. Strong arm. Needs to work on getting his hips more involved. Needs to improve follow thru, but all are correctable.

One of the biggest speed bumps for Otto will be exposure. Not the recruiting reporters kind, but getting in front of college coaches. His HUDL hi-lites video needs to convince college coaches to stop by the school between April 15-May 31, to make eye contact with him. That is the start.

Bloom Carroll HS is not a high profile football school. A smaller school program, as well. With that said, Otto will have to be patient and not get overwhelmed or frustrated with the football recruiting process. College coaches sometimes get carried away on time, but the good college coaches turn over every stone. Bloom Carroll’s program is solid.

Otto really needs to hit the college football summer camp scene. Do not over schedule, but he needs to pick his colleges that he would like to impress. But he needs to schedule a MAC one day to begin the process.

By no way am I am promoting O-State football, but the three one day camps are unique in that Coach Meyer invites the MAC coaching staffs, along with D2 and D3 football staffs. Otto  needs to chose one day to compete at one of the three camp days. So many D1 coaches present to evaluate. Actually, some decision makers attend.

Otto plays AAU basketball. Busy schedule in May/June. But in June, he may have scheduling conflicts. I am a football guy, so no comment here.

Talented for a 10th grader. Of course, like any young QB, he has work to do as a quarterback to get to the D1 level. Too early to project for me. But he has more upside than downside. Watched him against a very skilled basketball team. Watched him play in the playoffs last fall. Carries a 3.6GPA. Like his chances.

Finally, my last “nugget” for Otto Kuhns. The football recruiting process is a lot of brown sugar at times. Can get even ugly. Do not get carried away with all of the “noise” of recruiting reporters, of college coaches, of fans, and of your friends. It happens to the best of them. Ask Jack Carmen.



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