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Plans are to Attend the Under Armour All-American Camp


Just received credentials for the Under Armour All-American Camp  to be held at the Spire Academy this Sunday, March 18. I really appreciate getting those credentials from Steve Flaherty.

The Under Armour All-American Camp Series is a football skills camp for the best high school football players across the country. The selected athletes will have the opportunity to improve their skills. The invite-only camp is the first step in possibly getting invited to play in the 2019 Under Armour All-American Game

This is the first time that I have ever stepped out and requested credentials for any national football camp/combine of this magnitude. Even better, I did not name drop or ask a third party to help me get them. No recommendations. No “ask a favor” from a friend.

Roughly 68 players are from Ohio. Most are 2019. Some are from the 2020 Class. Believe there might just a few from the 2021 Class. I would guess that some others had conflicts with other sports, with their high school team taking priority. Hopefully, people remember it is February, not football season.

The Spire Academy is a tremendous facility. Amazing! I stopped and did a tour two years ago. Located just outside of Geneva. It also serves as an Olympic training facility for certain sports.

The benefit for a college football prospect is a chance to compete and get better. Get better against some of the top talent in the Mich, PA, and Ohio area. Other states and Canada will be represented.

Another benefit and what some college coaches think is good – exposure. Recruiting reporters from the Midwest will be there. Social internet media from 24/7, Rivals, and are just of the recruiting sites in attendance.

I feel a little out of place, because I do not interview players, nor do I do well evaluating them. I would believe performances here would have a positive effect on the star rating system. Of, it could have a negative effect if a recruit does not perform well. Do think the good outweighs the bad.

For me, I just like to watch players compete. Watch players do drills. Do they finish? Watch players take instruction? Watch for the athleticism. Most of all, just eyeballing and meeting players is huge for me.

And when it comes down to it, many of the football recruiting reporters have more insight into what it takes to be a top recruit and who gets stars than I ever will.

Looking forward to watching some of the best high school players workout and compete to get better. Feel fortunate to get credentials.



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