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QB Jagger Barnett 2021 Under the Radar


Enjoyed talking with junior QB Jagger Barnett from Big Walnut HS last weekend. Jagger is flying under the radar.

Listed 6’3-180, I first watched him play basketball at Marion Harding last winter. Only a 10th grader, but liked his leadership skills on the court. Plus, he could run and jump. Liked his athleticism. But, again, leadership was huge.

Watched him play quarterback against Marysville, last fall. Ran well in open field. Avoided pressure. Never really was able to set his feet. Marysville applied a lot of pressure. He took some shots, but bounced “back-up.” Liked his toughness as a QB.

Watched his HUDL Hi-lites. Jagger has to work on his feet in his initial set-up. Get his feet under him. Take the step to help open his hips. Get his hips more involved. Finally, he needs to improve his follow thru. These are all correctable throwing mechanics.

Jagger is a good basketball player. In fact, I will see him this Friday. Sometime between now and this upcoming summer, he will need to work to get stronger, especially in the core area. The core improvement will improve his ball velocity and his quickness getting the ball out. This is the same advice I gave to Joe Burrows his junior year.

The library is no strange place to Jagger. Carries a 3.6 GPA. Took the ACT test recently and his score is not back.

To me, Jagger’s strength is in his leadership skills. His toughness and ability to extend plays are huge. His eyes are always downfield, and he finds the second and third receivers. After watching him last fall, he can take a hit. But being a leader at QB is special.

College recruiting is just beginning for Jagger. Running a little behind, but he will be okay. The Big Walnut football program has struggled some. College summer camps will be really important to him, because college coaches need to see recruits perform, especially skilled players.

There is just something I like about Jagger Barnett. Will know more this weekend. Getting bigger/stronger/quicker is important, as well.

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