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QB Riley Keller Commits to Bowling Green


When I heard last Wednesday  that QB Riley Keller was going to make his commitment to Bowling Green on last Friday, I sent him a text and he texted me back. The word “appreciate” was used in both texts. We have a mutual respect for each other. BG is getting a good one and did have to go out of state to get him.

Great move for Riley. Actually, he had been contemplating the offer for a while. BGSU head coach Scot Loeffler, had been working to get Riley in the Falcon program since his arrival. Actually, Loeffler had been recruiting him, since his days as the Boston College offensive coordinator.

The commitment is a win-win for both.

Loeffler gets a quarterback with solid QB skills, and only a few skills need tweaked. Loeffler has spent his high school years, his college years at Michigan, and his college coaching years thinking quarterbacks. He pays attention to detail with QB’s, a win for Riley.

Riley has constantly improved over the years. I have written enough about my thoughts on his QB skills. We used to talk about his strengths and weaknesses. No more. His intangibles are what makes him special to me.

I do not know just how good of a quarterback Riley can be. Strong arm. I have seen him throw the 17 yard out on the other hash. Smart. Makes good decisions. Toughness.I have seen him take both shots and hits and he gets back up. Leadership. I saw him step into the starting role as a freshman, and lead a team of seniors. Focused. I have watched him comeback from a major arm injury. He followed the process and worked hard. He will be very good for the BG program.

24/7 rated him the best drop back QB in the 2020 Class. That really means nothing, unless you believe all of the recruiting reporters. Trust me, they go on what they hear, not what they see and study. But I rate him high, myself.

Riley Keller brings a hole lot of intangibles to the game as a quarterback. He is a natural leader. For what I know, he is squeaky clean. Good student. Really focused on being the best. Driven. His character will more than represent the Bowling Green football program.

Excited to have drive only 45 minutes to see him play on the college level. Of course, I just hope that I do not have to discuss his short release and first step with him(humor). Riley Keller has the “it” factor.



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