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Reid Carrico – MSR Top LB in 2021 Class


Back in the day, I was fortunate to meet Bob Lutz, the legendary coach of Ironton football. Hard nosed and an excellent coach. Ironton over the years has produced some very good, hard-nosed football players.

Recently, I spent some time with Reid Carrico, and although only a sophomore,  is one of the top rated prospects in the Ohio Class of 2021.

I asked him, “why football?” Answer was simple. It is the best sport for me to be as physical as I can be. No limitations, as long as I play within the rules.” Reid has been playing football, since the 4th grade.

Now, at just a little over 6’2-215, he plays linebacker and running back. Most see him as an aggressive LB who can run with excellent closing speed. Actually ran a 4.09 pro shuttle in front of some college coaches recently. That is really fast. Hips and change of direction for sure.

Good overall quickness. Plays downhill. Gets thru traffic to make plays. Excellent closing speed. Explosive on contact. Finishes well. Physical and plays with emotion. Solid RB, but will make recognition playing linebacker. Maybe put his hand down on the edge, but LB for now.

He feels that he has to improve his use of his hands. We both agree he has to continue to get bigger/stronger/faster. For me – needs to play with more discipline at times. And like most, he needs to improve his redirect. All correctable.

Told me that his father has been the biggest influence to him being a better football player. His coach Trev Pendleton also rates up there, as well, as a positive influence on his overall development, both on the field and off.

In 10 years, Reid wants to be playing the NFL. If not that, or after that, he wants to be coaching or working as a chemical engineer. With his 4.4 GPA and love of science, he should be able to do either.

Reid did not start last year, but played a lot of varsity minutes. His advice to underclassmen is to play hard an attack everything. Whether it be on the field, in the weight room, or in the classroom- attack everything full speed.

I asked him what talent that he would most like to have – he said,”Role model.” He wants to do well enough that players and students look up to him. Wants to do the things that make people proud of him. He wants to be a good influence on his teammates.

He gets most annoyed when players do not use the talent that they have. They do not have the push or the drive that is needed to be successful. The just do enough to get buy.

“Nothing is given to you” are the words that he lives by. He believes that a person has to work hard to get where he wants to be.

Really enjoyed watching Reid work out. Liked his intensity. Liked his drive. Of course, liked his flexibility when he stood flat-footed and smacked his hands on the floor. Also, liked chatting with him. Heard and saw the same intensity there. Smart, articulate, and mature.

Reid Carrico is a little ahead of the game right now,  both physically and mentally. Colleges like Ohio State have made him the “acceptable offer.” He understands the good and bad of football recruiting. Really believe that he will carefully approach the recruiting game. Believe that he has a plan.

Watching him set goals to get better and better will be enjoyable for me. He is off to a good start.


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