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Rodas Johnson – An MSR – OL guy – 2019


Rodas Johnson OL/DL guy from Columbus DeSales plays both sides of the ball. Takes few breaks. Gives a solid effort. Playing against Winton Woods last Friday, I thought he did more than okay.

Rodas Johnson - OL/DL Coumbus DeSales - 2019
Rodas Johnson – OL/DL
Coumbus DeSales – 2019

Rodas attended my MSR Combine last year in Columbus. Put some good numbers. Ran 4.99/40 – Verticaled 25″ – Ran 4.68/ pro shuttle – BJ almost 8′ – Ran 7.68/L-cone.

Combine results were good considering he was a 10th grader and measured (NS) – 6’3-266.

On the DL – played pad-under-pad. Got off blocks to help make tackles. Good penetration. Got thru traffic to make plays. Neutralized blocker. Needs to improve initial quickness off ball. Needs to use hands to separate.

Really believe that he is an offensive line prospect and a good one. Good pop off ball. Solid bender. Used power angle. Blocks on 2nd level. Needs to get better quickness on pass pro. Liked initial setup. Stayed with his block.

Adjusted and did a good job on the lead block. Moved up/down LOS well.

Although he likes and wants to play DT, I don’t know if he has the fast twitch to do that. Would make an ideal inside guy on the OL. Possible guard, may be center.

Really like Rodas Johnson. Like his attitude. Like his size. Like his mobility. Needs to continue to get bigger/stronger/faster. Needs a chance to prove himself on the DL, but I really like his chances to excellent college offensive lineman.

Rodas is very athletic and has the toughness to play either side of the ball. Do have to rate him as an MSR OL guy in 2019 Class.


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