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Ron Carr OL Solon HS 2019


Recruiters have been asking me this fall about a senior offensive lineman from Solon High School. All 6’5-258 pounds. Have you seen him? Last Friday, I did, but only for a half.

Ron Carr is a very impressive 6’5-258 left tackle who has excellent feet. He can run, run, and run. Can mirror the defender when pass blocking. Sets his feet. Long and can separate.

Watching HUDL video and seeing him some last week, he plays high too often. Run blocks high too often. Needs to be more pad under pad. Athletic and can bend but as he learns, he will get better and better. And he measures 6’5-258.

Funny thing about his size. Last year, he played at 6’4-205. Needless to say, he was pushed around and walked over. After the season. he became possessed with getting bigger/stronger. Now he weighs 258 and will get bigger as he pushes himself in the off season.

The light came on last year. For the longest time, he thought he was a basketball. Once he got the taste of good he could become in football, he bought in. He has the offers coming in now.

Dad is 6’8 and mom is 6’0. Guessin he will add a couple of inches. In the classroom he carries a 3.75GPA and scored a 28 on the ACT. Since he wants to a doctor some day, he wants to take the ACT again and again to get a higher school. I laughed with Coach Jim McQuaide. “Do you know how many prospects would be thrilled with his GPA and ACT score?”

Ron was MVP of the Michigan Football Camp last summer. Whatever that means, because I have seen different ways that coaches select MVP’s. I would think that he deserved it. He is considered a 3star, whatever that means.

Michigan told him that he was too slight. O-State and Clemson  told him that they need bigger guys earlier. Ron is a developmental guy, I guess.

USC, Arizona, Pitt, Duke and Boston College are among some offers that he has received. Those schools must be willing to develop to skills.

I am a v developmental guy. For me many big, overweight linemen who are 4 and 5 stars do not develop. I like the 280 pounder who can bend, run, and give good effort 24/7.

Actually if his goal is to be a doctor some day and maybe get looked at by the NFL, he does not need O-State, Michigan, or a Clemson. The NFL is loaded with offensive linemen who buy in late and are products of developmental programs.

The very best to Ron Carr. Great kid. Great student. Great worker. Great future.

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