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Sam Rengert 2020 Class All 6’7-285


First met and chatted with Fairbanks High School offensive tackle, Sam Rengert,  last spring. Last Friday night, I did not talk with him, but I watched him play.

Listed at 6’7-285, he may be all of that. Right now he needs to maintain his weight and not add any more pounds.

Operates from a two point stance all of the time. This helps him get into pass protection. Like his balance in pass pro. Like his explosion, but needs to improve his initial quickness. Also pulls and leads well. Blocks on 2nd level. Also like his ability to mirror the pass rusher.

The biggest problem, Sam has and will continue to have is his level of competition. There are not many 6’7-285 playing high school football, let alone on the D5 level. Simply hard to block 6’0 defensive linemen.

Last summer at one of the O-State football camps, I watched him in the 10ni drills in shorts/t-shirt. He did well. Blocked defenders nearer his size and from much bigger programs. Actually, I do not like the drill, but he was aggressive and showed good footwork. He has the ability.

Really believe that Sam needs to really get into off season conditioning. Do not know if he plays basketball, but it would really improve his burst and his lateral movement. His quickness and explosion needs to be better.

Really like his attitude and his effort on the football field. Finishes plays. Last Friday, the DL were not real big. But I know he played well against Jonathan Alder and they have a good program.

Sam has some “offers” on the table. I know that Cincinnati is one. Schools recruit 6’7-285 players who can play left tackle. Iowa State has offered, along with some MAC schools.

Sam Rengert is a work in progress, but has a lot of upside. Big, strong, and a frame to get 300+. Not in high school, I hope, but definitely on the D1 level.

With all of his physical tools, his character may be even better. Enjoyed talking with him last spring, and I am sure we will talk this winter. He loves snowboarding, but maybe I will see him playing the post.



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