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Sam Rengert – Big Man from Smaller Program


When a big school college program ask me about a big OL guy from a smaller school football program in Ohio, and I have not seen him, I am quickly see him in person.

Traveled to Fairbanks High School (west of Columbus) last Thursday to check out a 6’7-280 sophomore. My concern is a player that big and that young will be soft and dobbie. Not the case here.

Sam Rengert is long and narrow. All 6’7-280. Does not play basketball anymore. Just learning the shot/discus for the track team. Just okay now. Sam is a serious snow-boarder during the winter months. Yes, snowboarding.

Watched his HUDL Hi-lites video. Moves up and down the LOS pretty well. Good feet. Long arms. Can bend his knees, but he still plays high. At 6’7, I can see it happening. Stays with his block. Good balance for his size. Like the way he finishes.

Good set up on pass pro. Needs to bend better, but he can. Maintains his block on pass,  but needs to improve. Like his length. Sometimes with the lack of size of the man over him, his work is hard to evaluate.

Obviously, Sam is raw, but has te potential to be a top OL college recruit by the time he is a senior. Needs to continue to work on technique.

His dad is a first responder in Marysville and his mother is a nurse. For him not decided on a major. But he has a 3.4 GPA. Has not taken the test yet.

Sam has some early “offers,” including Iowa State. I would guess most are offering him because of his size and unlimited potential.

College football camps will be very important for Sam this summer. He does not have to travel all over the country, but he needs to do well. He needs to compete. He needs to show toughness. He needs to show improved skills.

My suggestion that he goes into summer camps with a little chip on his shoulder. Not a cement block. Maybe a poker chip. Just needs to show everybody that he can and will compete.

I like him. I like his 6’7-280 frame. I like the fact that he can deadlift 500 pounds. I like his excitement about being recruited to play college football on the D1 level.


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