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Self Marketing in Football Recruiting


During the regular season I was reading a bio on a junior QB whom I really like. A definite D1 scholarship QB. As I read on, I discovered that one of the major recruiting services was working with him.

First thought – why does he need a recruiting service? Second thought – why does he need a recruiting service?  Final thought – why does he need a recruiting service?

Read on Facebook this week where a representative of another nationally known recruiting service is going with some high school players to a FBS football game on Saturday.

Received a call last week from a parent asking me my opinion on recruiting services. His daughter is a gymnast. Cost was nearing 1,500 dollars. Her coach was a Big Ten competitor in gymnastics. The dad saved a lot of money, because the coach told him at what level that she could compete. Coach was honest.

Back to football and what I am more comfortable with. Honestly, I try to see both sides of the deal. I would never deny a person a chance to make an income to support himself/herself and family. Maybe some money making deals, but not with a football recruiting service.

On the other hand, why does a football player need to pay 1,500 dollars to get his name out there. I believe that may be the cheapest of many. Of course, some companies have an installment system set up to help with the total cost. Wonderful. 1.500 is still 1,500.

I know very little about the high school football played outside of Ohio. Know very few high school coaches out of Ohio. Know very little about the talent level of many of the players outside of Ohio.

But, Ohio football I do know. Know many of the coaches. Veteran coaches a little better, than the younger head coaches. Know many of the many players. Know their talent level and potential.

High school coaches work hard to promote their players. Like in any business, some work harder than others. Naturally. Different areas of the state hold College Recruiting Nights in early December and again in the spring. Information is given out to coaches. D2 and D3 coaches are the only ones allowed to attend.

D1 coaches or FBS coaches cannot attend. With the size of football support staffs and coaching staffs, most colleges know about FBS prospects. With camps, junior days, and game day visits, D1 level recruits get exposed.

I get calls and texts and emails from Ohio high school coaches asking for help in exposing their players. All levels – all of the time. My information is free, except to the colleges. Sometimes that is even free. The point is that Ohio football coaches are making the effort.

Being an “old school guy” I believe everything needs to go through the coach. I know that this not always the case. In fact, circumventing the coach happens way too much.

From past experiences, however, sometimes not working with the head football coach is justified. Not often, but nothing is ever 100%.

My old friend, Bob Chmiel, used to work in an advisory capacity with National Collegiate Scouting Association. His comment ” that’s where we are in today’s society. People will spend money to get their son’s name out.”

Self promoting or self marketing  is getting bigger and bigger. Money seems to be no issue. Reality, at times, is missing for some parents. Working the proper channels is happening less and less. Some feel that a professional in the recruiting business can get things done faster.

Times are a changing and I am well aware of that. I have been doing this business a long time. Even Urban Meyer joked with me about that back in September. Joey Galloway was on the cover of my first magazine.

Going through your head football coach is still the best deal. If he is adamant about not helping in the recruiting process, then go to step 2 and step 3.

Marketing ones self is a skill. The best to you if that is the ball that you are going to carry. Hope that you score at least one touchdown. Do not fumble much.


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