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Seniors Who are Having a Breakout Year


The Ohio high school football regular season is half over. Game six week is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. With that, I am getting more and more request to help seniors get on the radar. Really, my focus to get seniors who are getting little love from college coaches is limited.

I do the website. I have a Facebook page. But the colleges that I deal with are mostly D-1 schools, including Power Five and Group of Five. I work with some D2 schools and some 1AA, but most of my work is with D1 schools. It has been that way for years. I do not know what Scouting Ohio does, but they may include D3 schools.

If you are trying to get recognized or get attention from the BCS schools for the first time, your chances of succeeding are going to be tough. These schools have offered the seniors who they are have watched and evaluated. They are focused on the prospects who they have identified, some for more than three years. Actually, I have tried to help seniors, but the BCS schools are targeting underclassmen. Some seniors, but mostly underclassmen at this time.

Realize that college recruiting support staff members spend the majority of the day looking at full game tapes. Not only HUDL hi-lites, but complete game video. The HUDL Hi-lites are huge for juniors and sophomores, but full games are almost equally important now for 2021 prospects.

Getting recruiting staffs to watch senior (2020) HUDL li-lites will be difficult. Not impossible, but really difficult.

Get your high school football coach involved. If not the head coach, try to work with an assistant coach who may know somebody in a college program. I believe that a prospect has to have or make a connection. A “get your foot in the door” type guy who is connected with somebody in football recruiting.

If a senior recruit’s heart is to play BCS football and has no love right now, he may check out the “preferred walk-on” status. I just talked with two boys last Friday who have walked on at West Viriginia. They like the program and feel as though they are being treated “right.” Good deal. I also talked with a player who went to Youngstown State. As a 2nd year red shirt, he is on almost all special teams. First, DO research on just what a “preferred” walk on is all about.

FCS schools or Division Two schools kind of stay back and wait for D-1 schools to take scholarship players. They also wait to see what prospects get the serious offers from BCS schools. Now, they have their own “board,” but are into more of a “wait and see” mode. Rarely, do they send out offers, If they do, they are  more selective at this time.

I am a D2 football fan. They play very good football. At D2 schools, prospects can really develop into very good players. FWIM – NFL scouts stop at D2 schools, at least in Ohio they do. Have met some NFL scouts myself, when I attend a spring practice. NFL scouts stop during the regular season.

Just some thoughts on – seniors who are having breakout year.

1. Bust your butt to make up for lost time. Research schools who seem to really needing players. Make phone calls or send emails. Emails scare me, because college coaches get tons of emails from parents and players. Find a coach that you know and he does not necessarily need to be a football coach who can help. Preferably one who is connected. Actually being connected is the most important thing.

2. Put together a really good HUDL video. Thirty plays. Best plays at the beginning. Also put some contact information on the video. Don’t get caught up in statistics or post season honors. Really a waste of time, because college recruiting staffs do not get caught up in them.

3. The more I talk with college coaches on the D1 level, I question just how important a personal profile really is to a college recruiting staff. Those staffs already know a lot about the recruit. D3, maybe so, because D3 schools need more detailed information. I used to push putting a really informative profile together.

4. Somehow, get your name on social media. I am not a big recruiting social media person, because most of the reporters know little about evaluating talent. But instagram, twitter, and Facebook are good sources to get your name out there. College recruiting staffs have people assigned to read social media everyday. I mean, that is what they do. 24/7 to me is a way to get your name out there, but ratings and rankings are silly.

If you are a senior with no offers and are having a breakout year, I applaud you. To receive a BCS offer is going to be really tough. Possible but not probable. If you are set on playing BCS football, I would reach out to more schools who are father away from home and think “preferred” walk on.”

Control what you can control. One of my favorite cliques. You can control how hard you work and how competitive you are. Make the team success first and EVERYTHING else will fall into place.

The best to “breakout seniors.”


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