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Smile at My Pre-Season Prospects List Too


In my blog on July 14, I emphasized ” smile at pre-season recognition.” Today I posted some of the top prospects in the 2020 Ohio Class that I thought deserved some pre-season recognition. What is up with that??? Smile at my list as well.

Of course – I believe readers, players, and parents should just smile at my lists. Because, it is just my opinion on who should make that list. And, honestly, I am not nearly as qualified as a group of recruiting reporters, like 24/7 or Rivals or the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But I wanted to give readers a different perspective. My perspective.

I really believe that making a list of 120 ranked players is hard to do. First, there are so many of equal talent. There are many different positions. After the first 60, most players are of the same basic talents. I do not do that anymore. Used to, but not in many years. Way too hard to be fair.

If you read the list, the names are randomly listed. To me that saves some controversy. Not doing this to bring controversy to myself. Not doing this to increase my “brand.” Not doing this to compete with the recruiting reporters. Not doing this to hurt players’ chances of getting a D-1 scholarship. Not doing this to get on the good side of college coaches. Trust me – not doing this to make lots of money.

Doing this section on the top prospects in the Ohio 2020 Class gives readers another view, or another perspective of just who is “out there.”

I must say because of my time, my abilities, and the colleges who I send information to in the off season and during the season, my website is slanted to Power Five conferences and the Group of Five conferences. Sorry, I wish I could mention players that are only D3 prospects, but I simply do not have the time or money to do that. By the way, top D2 prospects at times are included.

Keep smiling as you read the list of names for each position. I really believe that is huge to enjoying my website!




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