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What I Look for in Evaluating


Spent the last couple of days, adding and subtracting to my Power Point presentation that I use when I speak to groups about playing the football recruiting game.

Most of the subtractions concerned too many words. Seems like some of my slides were redundant and too wordy. But I am getting better at power point.

The additions may not be interesting to some, but they are things that I look for at different football positions.  Watching highlights video, I look more in depth, but I look for these points all of the time, whether highlight video or actual games.

offensive lineman

  1. Power to handle a DL guy.
  2. Flexibility in his ankles, knees, and hips. bend.
  3. Ability to stay off the ground.
  4. Competitiveness.

running back

  1. Explosive –  especially in his first two steps. On contact as well.
  2. Toughness – run, run, and run.
  3. Ability to catch the football.
  4. Fifth gear.


  1. Does he own and have command of the huddle.
  2. Is he a winner? Make the big plays.
  3. Footwork. Not only as a passer, but in escapability.
  4. Arm strength. Accuracy a close 2nd.

tight end

  1. Size. Physical characteristics.
  2. Ability to catch and run.
  3. A willingness to block.
  4. Play in space.

wide receiver

  1. Explosiveness. Ability to get separation.
  2. Ball skills. Natural hands.
  3. Is he a football player?
  4. Learn coverage.


  1. Toughness.
  2. Is he a former TE, LB, or DT.
  3. Blocker first. Ball carrier second.


  1.  Shoulders staying square to LOS.
  2. Ability to run. Change direction.
  3. Does he finish tackles.
  4. Discipline.

defensive end

  1. Ability to run. Change direction.
  2. Ability to use hands in defeating blocks.
  3. Initial quickness getting off the ball.
  4. Finish

defensive tackle

  1. Toughness and physicality.
  2. Staying low. Play pad under pad.
  3. Stay off the ground.
  4. Use of hands to disengage.

inside defensive back

  1. Discipline.
  2. Athleticism.
  3. Toughness to front up a ball carrier.
  4. Closing speed.


  1. Explosiveness.
  2. Ability to “flip the hips.”
  3. Overall speed. Recovery speed as well.
  4. Toughness.


  1. Leg strength.
  2. Consistency. Accuracy.
  3. Mental toughness.
  4. Athleticism


  1. Ability to catch the ball.
  2. Get off time.
  3. Mental toughness or courage.

long snapper

  1. Hip flexibility
  2. Accuracy
  3. Confidence. Trust.
  4. Intelligence

Just some ideas on what to look for that I have collected over the years. I use more a check-list as I evaluate highlights video and game video, but the above are what I look for initially. Also want to credit my old coaching friend, Greg Gillum who worked with me a few years ago to come up with  some of these points.




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