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Some Advice to Help Get That Scholarship


Some energy food for young high school football players, as they run the race to get the football scholarship that they are after. Found this years ago as a coach. I have edited it over the years. Actually, it may be good for any athlete or non athlete; for a boy or girl; for any age person. Sorry, these were notes and I have no idea who deserves the credit.

1. ACADEMICS FIRST! Consider this… If two players with the same abilities are being recruited and Player A has a 3.0 and Player B has a 2.0, Player A is going to be given the scholarship.  Player B would be considered more of a risk. Remember, you are an investment for that college football program.  They are not going to take “chances” on athletes when they have other dependable athletes to recruit!

2. MAKE GOOD DECISIONS! Stay out of trouble! No college football program wants to deal with any athletes’ “drama” off the field.

3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE! If you hang with negative people, they are going to bring you down.  If you hang with motivated people, they are going to bring you up! Surround yourself with winners!

4. ACHIEVE AT EVERYTHING YOU DO! Winners just don’t win some of the time-they win all the time! Winners aren’t just good athletes – they are good students, with super attitudes.

5. MAKE FRIENDS AND BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!  Make every student, every teacher, every parent, every coach and every administrator your friend.   These people will help you and will want to help you! Really huge in my thinking

6. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! There are people all over this campus that are willing to assist you at any time.

7. THINK ABOUT TEAM – NOT YOURSELF! Don’t have the attitude that “you have to get yours (chest bumps, stats, awards in order to receive a scholarship.  Put team first and everything else will take care of itself!

8. TRUST & LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES! Your coaches tell you all the time: “Work harder!”, Be on time!”, “Change your attitude!”, “Be Respectful!”, “Pay attention in class!” “Do this!” “Do that”. Players don’t often like to take constructive criticism.  Coaches are trying to help you!! They only ask you to do things that are going to make you better as an athlete, student and person! Your coaches don’t make great pay for their countless hours of work.  They are in this business because they care about young people!

9. GO THE EXTRA MILE! In order to be the best, you have to outwork the rest!  Be early to practice! Stay late for video! Be involved in all off-season programs! Get involved in summer camps: skill camps, combines.

10. AS YOU BEGIN TO ACCOMPLISH THINGS, BE MODEST! Let your actions speak louder than your words.  If you are successful, there is no need to tell anyone – your actions will speak for you.  Remember that along the way, there have been people there for you who were willing to help you and advise you!  Thank people.

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